Halloween is Around the Corner

September 12, 2012

It's that time again. Time to start thinking & buying our annual Halloween costumes. Before I usually picked out Bella's for her, but since she's now in kindergarten, I decided it was time for her to pick out her own costume. I went to Anytime Costume & handed her the computer. She quickly ruled out any princess costumes, (much to her Momma's dismay!) and went straight to the Super Heroes Costumes! She decided on the Incredibles - Mrs. Incredibles costume. She said she liked it because it looks like pajamas! I know she also picked it out because of the big influence of superheroes she sees on TV!
We got it in this week and she immediately had to try it on. Thank goodness it fit like a glove! She was so excited!! The shipping was super fast & we are definitely pleased with everything!
Now it's Momma's turn to look for a 2012 Halloween costume! I am looking for something cute but not too sexy. I want to look hot, but not overly!! We were thinking of going as Flo from Progressive Insurance, but everything's up in the air as of now. I'll definitely be going onto Anytime Costumes and looking for something!

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