If You Really Knew Me...

September 7, 2012

Saw this on Mama Laughin & had to try it out for myself.
If you REALLY knew me...
...you'd know my favorite smell is my daughter's hair & cheeks. She has the sweetest smell.
...you'd know that I have severe anxiety in large crowds. I hate going to concerts for this reason.
...you'd know that I love wine & beer, but am not a fan of mixed drinks.
...you'd know that it scares me to death to think I could die before seeing my daughter walk down the isle.
...you'd know that I hate staying up late unless it's with good friends on a great night.
...you'd know that my life hasn't been easy, but it's been worth every heartbreak.
...you'd know that I never worried about my weight until I had Bella. Now it's a constant worry.
...you'd know that I love to cook, especially my family's recipes.
...you'd know that my number 1's are Garbiel Macht & Ryan Reynolds. Yes I have 2 #1's and The Hubs knows. 
...you'd know that I love TV. I love any medical and law shows, but hate reality TV.
...you'd know that I am on pins & needles waiting for Vampire Diaries to start in October.
 ...you'd know that I secretly wish we lived in DFW. I hope to always live in Austin, but miss having my family nearby. I miss them terribly!
...you'd know that I love being a Texan and anything that comes along with it. Hell, I'm even looking at cowboy boots for the Fall.
...you'd know that I've cut back on my posts here due to not enough time in the day, but am slowly trying to get back in the swing of things.
...you'd know that on the 18th, The Hubs and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. He makes me laugh on a daily basis & I can't imagine not having him around.
...you'd know that Bella is the absolute most important thing in my life. I love that darn kid so much!
Happy Friday Peeps!

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