Wishing Everyone...

October 31, 2012

From my family to yours... Happy Halloween!
Hope everyone has a happy and very safe Halloween!

Weekend Wrap Up

October 29, 2012

This was such an amazing fun weekend! So glad the cold front came & cooled our town off just in time for some Halloween festivities! Saturday night we went to our neighbor's Halloween party. We were actually planning on not going to any this year but it worked out that Bella was able to play with their kids during it, so we ended up going and having an absolute blast! They have amazing friends & between firemen showing up, a scavenger hunt, & OU loosing it made for a fun night!
Eric & I at the party dressed as 1920's gangsta's!

Me & Kellie

Our group during the scavenger hunt!
Sunday we got Bella and went to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. During October they have a pumpkin patch & Bella loved it! The weather was perfect & we got to go on a hay ride, corn maze, & color a pumpkin! So much fun!
The Hubs & Bella on a hay made tractor

My little family on the hay ride!

She's getting so tall! Love this picture!
Overall a perfect Halloween weekend!

1st Birchbox

October 24, 2012

I finally jumped on the bandwagon & started getting Birchbox. It actually ended up coming a week or so late this month, but the wait was worth it! I received an email at the end of Sept asking if I'd like to try the special GOOP Birchbox this month, to which I said "Gwyneth Paltrow?! Hell Yes!!"
My awesome IPhone picture taking skills in full display!
My favorite thing in the box?! That would be Essie nail polish in Power Clutch. It's a grey-green color perfect for Fall. I haven't tried anything else except the Naked Princess Lip Gloss in barely coral, which I actually like because it's almost clear with a hint of color. Perfect for the chapstick wearing type girl... aka me!
Does anyone else use Birchbox? If so, what's your favorite products from the October box?

Thoughts for Tuesday

October 23, 2012


Field Day 2012

October 22, 2012

Bella had her 1st Field Day last Friday & I took off work to volunteer for it! That morning it was seriously cold outside, so I was a little worried for the kids since a lot of the games involved water, but it warmed up quickly & all the kids had a blast! I ended up having lunch with her & her friends before heading back home. It was such a fun day for Bella & Mama!
Bella looking a little hoodrat in her hoodie but it was still cold at this time! (Promise!)

One of the water games

She was having so much fun!

At the end of Field Day waiting for lunch

Bella's whole class! They all had an amazing time!
Next year I promised her The Hubs & I will both be there to cheer her on. Can't wait!

Coat Season

October 18, 2012

Here in Austin we got a nice cold front last night that put us in the mid-70's for the high today. Now obviously this is not break out the coats weather, but it does have me looking and loving new coats! I'm such a peacoat girl, that's all I own. (And need a new longer one!) Here's my favorites so far this season:
AE Wool Peacoat
OMG I am in love with this peacoat! I have it in a shorter version but am dying for this one! Hint Hint to the Hubs for Christmas!!

Holy Hell Batman I love this coat! The color is adorable & so on track with this season. It looks warm and comfy as well, which is always a must in my world.

Not sure how in love with this I am but kinda liking the high neckline!

What's your favorites?



October 16, 2012

I started boot camp last night & it literally kicked my butt. I mean absolutely no breath left in me, sweating in places I never knew existed, pain in my shins like I've never felt before... kicked my butt!
And you know what?! I LOVED it!! I was cursing (in my head not to the people next to me!) the entire time, but once it was over & I knew I had just finished one of the toughest workouts I've done since High School, I was elated!! I couldn't believe I finished! So here's a little pinsperation for everyone thinking about working out or boot camp...



And for a a little laugh...

I'm seriously excited for my next boot camp tomorrow... I have to keep telling myself what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...
And hopefully thinner, more muscular, & healthier!
Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Wrap Up

October 15, 2012

Although our beloved Horns lost (BADLY!!!) we still had such a fun weekend! We made it out to the Rheinlander Ranch Saturday and got to see a wonderful sunset you just can't get in the city. Bella also got to play with Alex & some of her friends for a princess party!
Can't beat this sunset!
 Sunday we ended up spending the entire day with our neighbors & their kids.  Bella loved it because it ended up being 6 of them total to play with and running from one house to the other all day! Really a wonderful weekend!

She's getting so big so quickly!!

Day of Silence

October 10, 2012


Today is a blog day of silence.

Fellow blogger Julee Turner lost her husband over the weekend in a terrible car accident.

He leaves behind not only a wife but a 10 month old daughter.

Today is his funeral. Please help in praying for this grieving family & join us in a day of silence.

Boot Camp

October 9, 2012

The Hubs & I have been on a working out/running/5k races/mud run/anything that kicks our butts trip lately. He's always been the extremely physical work out junkie... (case in point, he's training for his 2nd 1/2 marathon already!) & I've always loved working out, but lately I really love to run. Trust me this is a 1st for me! I have asthma, so running has always been a burden to me and my lungs. Now that my 1st mud run is over, I'm still wanting to run & work out. (Also a 1st, usually this is the time where the fattening foods and sitting on my ace come in!)
 We're running in Race for the Cure next month, (this will be our 7th year in a row to run it!) but we decided that wasn't enough...
We've officially signed up for Camp Gladiator Boot Camp. Yeah we're not smart people when we thought this would be a wonderful thing to do together...
Twice a week we will be going to boot camp in the evenings. I'm scared sh**less... Honestly. 
It's something we're going to together which I absolutely love & I know it will be a good workout for both of us. We figured starting before the holidays was smartest so we can hopefully keep or maintain our weight/in shape-ness throughout the binge eating that happens during November & December.
So starting next Monday we'll be sweating it out twice a week & paying for it in soreness the next day... wish us luck!! We'll I'll need it!!!

Mud Run 2012

October 8, 2012

This is what we looked like before the Dirty Girl Mud Run...
Elise, me, & Kaylor

Team Doll Diggers before the 1st obstacle
One of the last mud pits! (Obstacle #12 to be exact!)
And After...
Nice & Muddy... plus freezing!
Such an amazing time!

I Finally Got a Pair...

October 2, 2012

Of boots that is! Cowboy boots & I'm seriously in love! Everyone at my work wears boots except for me & last winter I about froze my toes off in flats, so I figured it was time!
Old West Snip Toe Boots

They're actually a little lighter in color than this, but I adore them! So comfy & I can wear them all day!!

Here's my dream boots...

Shocking I know... ;)


October 1, 2012

With the on set of Fall & October starting, we had some fun with different hats this weekend...
A little fun with the Cowgirl look...

A little try at being a witch...

And a whole lotta fun being silly with Momma!

Hope you had an awesome weekend as well!
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