Boot Camp

October 9, 2012

The Hubs & I have been on a working out/running/5k races/mud run/anything that kicks our butts trip lately. He's always been the extremely physical work out junkie... (case in point, he's training for his 2nd 1/2 marathon already!) & I've always loved working out, but lately I really love to run. Trust me this is a 1st for me! I have asthma, so running has always been a burden to me and my lungs. Now that my 1st mud run is over, I'm still wanting to run & work out. (Also a 1st, usually this is the time where the fattening foods and sitting on my ace come in!)
 We're running in Race for the Cure next month, (this will be our 7th year in a row to run it!) but we decided that wasn't enough...
We've officially signed up for Camp Gladiator Boot Camp. Yeah we're not smart people when we thought this would be a wonderful thing to do together...
Twice a week we will be going to boot camp in the evenings. I'm scared sh**less... Honestly. 
It's something we're going to together which I absolutely love & I know it will be a good workout for both of us. We figured starting before the holidays was smartest so we can hopefully keep or maintain our weight/in shape-ness throughout the binge eating that happens during November & December.
So starting next Monday we'll be sweating it out twice a week & paying for it in soreness the next day... wish us luck!! We'll I'll need it!!!

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