October 16, 2012

I started boot camp last night & it literally kicked my butt. I mean absolutely no breath left in me, sweating in places I never knew existed, pain in my shins like I've never felt before... kicked my butt!
And you know what?! I LOVED it!! I was cursing (in my head not to the people next to me!) the entire time, but once it was over & I knew I had just finished one of the toughest workouts I've done since High School, I was elated!! I couldn't believe I finished! So here's a little pinsperation for everyone thinking about working out or boot camp...



And for a a little laugh...

I'm seriously excited for my next boot camp tomorrow... I have to keep telling myself what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...
And hopefully thinner, more muscular, & healthier!
Happy Tuesday!

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