Friday Faves

November 30, 2012

Seriously I am way behind on posts. It feels like life in going in such a fast pace right now, I can't remember to do anything other than work, feed the fam, boot camp (me & Hubs), gymnastics (def Bella on this one!), Christmas gifts, decorating, & somehow keeping my house somewhat clean. (Really failing on the last one there.)
So it's Friday & I haven't posted a Friday Faves in forever (too many f's in one sentence?!) so let's get to it! And trust me this won't become a weekly facet on my blog again until life decides it wants to slow down a little lot...
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Chiffon Top
My SIL wore this for our family Thanksgiving & I immediately fell in love with it! So cute with a white tank underneath & jeans. I literally left and went online to order it. (Sandra doesn't know that I stole her look yet... oops! Haha)

I just bought this yesterday, so today is my 1st time using it. So far it's friggin amazeballs! Went on super smooth & almost has a powder finish to it. Supposedly it's supposed to last for 24 hours... okay people, if you have your makeup on for 24 hours without washing your face, please tell me what the heck you're thinking?! But staying power I understand. I'm hoping that this lasts through my entire 13 hour work day today & maybe even until the Hubs gets home so he can see I actually do wear makeup every day!

Merona Kasia Boots
Am I all about Target today?! Apparently! These are adorable! That top, these boots, & a pair of skinny jeans? Amazing! LOVE it!!

I got the IPhone 5 last week & LOVE IT!!! I mean faster than any phone I've had. Here's the problem, Bella knows it's fast & wants to watch shows on it constantly. Bring in the Otterbox! I had one for my IPhone 4 and loved how it protected it when it "accidentally" fell on the ground. An one that is adorable and has my initials on it?! Perfection!!

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