December 13, 2012

This weekend will mark 13 years since Eric & I met freshman year of college. Wow, 13 years sounds amazing and yet feels like a lot less. We've been through literally everything life can throw at us and have still made it out on the other side happier & better in our marriage.
NYE 2008
It definitely wasn't love at 1st sight (seeing as how we met on 6th street around midnight or so, that which neither of us remembers very well!), but we've been at each other's side ever since.
Circa 2009
We're not only partners in marriage, but best friends in love and life. We compliment each other in ways we never thought we could & because of our love we've been able to look back at the last 13 years and realize that neither of us would be where we are right now without each other.
Christmas 2008
Eric, I love you now more than ever. You're such an amazing husband and father and without you I couldn't imagine being 1/2 as happy. I hope we have many many more years together. I love you with my whole heart & hope we have the best anniversary weekend!
This is normal, quirky, silly us together!

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