Weekend Wrap Up

January 23, 2013

(Sorry it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about our weekend, but Blogger has not been liking me lately!)
My 3 day weekend was pretty nice overall. Gorgeous weather, lots of birthday parties, family time, and only a little fighting with my daughter who even though she turns 6 on Saturday acts like she is 15!
She had 2 birthday parties back to back Saturday & had so much fun at both of them. This party was for my friend's daughter, Hannah, who turned 2. Needless to say, Bella was definitely the oldest kid there, but she loved it and did really great with the younger kids!

After all the parties were done, we decided to have family night & go to Olive Garden for dinner. I tried the drink about called a Skinny Lemon Strawberry Martini & it was delicious!! Definitely ordering it next time we go!

Sunday the high was in the low 70's so we enjoyed the day outside! Bella rode her bike, played with the neighbors, & just had a blast!

All week has been in the mid to uppers 70's here and sunny! We are loving the tank top/flip flop weather we're having! Hopefully it's sunny where you are too!

Here a video of Bella from Saturday night. After we got back from dinner we did a little Wii dancing! Bella loves the song & dance above!

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