Newest Find

February 27, 2013

I am uber lazy when it comes to washing my face before bed. I know, shame on me, but seriously by the time I get ready for bed, I'm overly exhausted and have been up for at least 18 hours. No excuse, but now I found something I love...
Acnefree 2 in 1 Acne Wipes
Now I don't have horrible acne (thank goodness!) but I do usually get one break out every month. These keep those breakouts away. Plus they wash my face pretty well. I love them because they don't sting or burn when using them, but deliver great acne protection and leave my fave feeling nice and clean!

What's your favorite find?

Oscar Fashions

February 25, 2013

I have a confession to make... I didn't actually watch too much of the Oscars. I did watch the entire 3 hours before on E! Red Carpet. I'm not a huge movie buff, and haven't watched one of the movies that was up for the awards... yeah I kinda suck at that...
But I do love a good dress, gorgeous makeup, & awesome hair. Here's my favorites of the night:
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab. I LOVE this fellow Austinite & she rarely disappoints on the red carpet. This is definitely one of my favorites of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

Jennifer Garner in Gucci

She's my favorite overall of the night. Granted I wouldn't have worn matching colored shoes, but I love her statement necklace & her hair and makeup are perfection!

Worst Dressed

Melissa McCarthy in David Meister

The hair is way too big & the dress seems ill fitted to me... I love her she is hilarious, but this didn't do her justice.

Anne Hathaway in Prada

Okay I don't know why I hate this dress, maybe because it looks like something you would wear to a high school dance, I don't know, but it was just horrible.

And the award for the absolute ugliest, tackiest dress goes to:

Brandi Glanville in her own line dress.

Only 1 thing to say... Trying too hard...

What were your favorite dresses??


Friday Faves

February 22, 2013

So yeah, it's been like months since I did a Friday Faves. There's many reasons for this... 1) Never have enough time to look up multiple stores, multiple clothes, etc. (I'm trying though!) 
2) I run out of ideas... yup I'm definitely not one of those people who always has an idea to post on a daily basis!
This Friday Faves is all about workout clothes. My absolute favorites to wear. I am definitely a gym rat (usually go to the gym at least 4 times a week for around an hour and a half each time! Thank goodness for an awesome daycare at the gym!) So here's my favorites, please post below for yours so I can get some more!
My Favorite Yoga Pants
I have 2 different pairs I love:
Old Navy Foldover Yoga Pants
These are so comfy especially when I'm on a bike. They stay put and aren't too tough to move in!

These are my absolute favorite yoga pants. They're slimming (bonus!) and super comfy! Stay in place no matter what workout I'm doing. I've worn them to Zumba, Yoga, Weights, & Biking and they are perfect!!

Sport Bras

This is my favorite sports bra so far. It holds everything in place & doesn't move... it's a miracle!

This is my next sports bra purchase! So cute & have heard only good things about it. Then I'll buy their workout tank...

Next week I'll be posting my favorite workout shoes & tanks!

Happy Friday Peeps!


Best Workout Idea EVER

February 20, 2013

Does your gym have a movie theater in it? I go to the YMCA in Round Rock & live in the movie theater while I'm there. I love riding bikes, so I go upstairs to the movie theater and end up biking 10-12 miles and around an hours worth of cardio! I love it!!
After that I usually go to the weights and get another 20-30 minutes in on my legs. On my off days, I go straight to weights and work on my arms and stomach. I am definitely turning into a gym rat & The Hubs told me last night that you can definitely see the results! Score!
What's your workout routine?

Weekend Recap

February 19, 2013

We had so much fun this weekend and the weather was immaculate. I know I love talking about our weather here, but seriously it was so nice all weekend!
We enjoyed our Sunday at the park playing on the playground, seeing the ducks, & playing soccer. It was a bit windy, so soccer got kinda hard to try catching the ball, but we managed!
This is the 1st and last thing Bella wants to do at the park! She loves to climb to the very top.

My favorite picture I took over the weekend! She lost her 4 tooth (another front top tooth) Saturday night, and he smile is just so freakin adorable right now!!

The Hubs & Bella walking to the pond to look at all the ducks. They actually come right beside you cause they think you'll feed them. We completely forgot bread or crackers, but promised next time we'll feed the heck out of them!

Bella starts soccer next month & is obsessed with it. She got 2 soccer balls, a net, and practice soccer stuff for her birthday and has been using it like crazy!

I did play, but was more of the photographer the whole time!

While Daddy ran into HEB, Bella and I hung out in my car. She always loves to pretend to drive while we're parked & this time the song Thrift Shop came on! She was in Heaven!

For My Daughter

February 18, 2013


V Day LoVe

February 14, 2013

Eric surprised me this morning when I came downstairs...
I came down to find this on our island in the kitchen. I was shocked and of course before touching or reading anything I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pics!

This was on the vase when I grabbed the card to read it.

And these were waiting in the fridge for Bella & I!

I have a super sweet husband & can't wait to get home to celebrate with him and Bella.

Happy Love Day!

This is Why I LOVE Being a Texan

February 12, 2013



A true hero died this past week. Chris Kyle. If you don't know his story please look him up, because other than being a soldier, sharp shooter, and hero, he's a Texan. His casket was brought from Dallas area to Austin today. What did Texans in every county, city, small town, etc do?? They came out in full force waving their American flags and saluting a fallen hero. 
This is why, not only am I proud to be an American... I'm extremely proud to be a TEXAN.
God Bless you Chris Kyle!!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday!! Here's to everyone who gets to party their booties off tonight before Lent begins!
I grew up Catholic but am not a practicing Catholic anymore. Even so, I plan on giving something up for Lent... we'll see how long I can go without my precious wine! It's gonna be a tough road... Ha!
Hope everyone enjoys their Fat Tuesday!!

A Little Flip Flop Love

February 7, 2013

The past week or so we've been in the mid 70's to lower 80's. Gorgeous weather & I am praying it sticks around and no more cold fronts... a girl can dream right?!
Due to the warm weather we're having, I get to break out the flip flops which you know is my favorite type of shoe! So yes lately I am in my own little Heaven! I am on the prowl for some new awesome, comfy flip flops to add to my insane amount I already own. Here are some of my favs:
Reef Gypsy Love
These are super cute for laid back drinking margaritas on a patio kind of day...

These are super cute with the bow detail. Maybe with a cute sundress...

And these are my favorite. Cute with shorts, skirts, jeans, etc. A must own for me!


Rosedale Ride Blog

February 4, 2013

I did a guest post on the Rosedale Ride Blog over the weekend! Click here to read it! So excited!!!
Happy day after the Super Bowl. Anyone else extremely exhausted?? My weekend was such a blast, but it's definitely not something this Mama can do often...
Friday night I had girl's night out with a ton of my besties at Krave Wine Bar. We had so much fun & it was great to get to catch up with everyone again.
Vicky, Sonia, Lisa, Amanda, Casas, me, & Tin
These ladies are so amazing and so much fun! We usually try a monthly girl's night for all of us wives & Mama's to get away for a bit! I strongly encourage all ladies to meet up with their girlfriends often. Lots of laughs to be had!
Happy Monday!
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