Friday Faves

February 22, 2013

So yeah, it's been like months since I did a Friday Faves. There's many reasons for this... 1) Never have enough time to look up multiple stores, multiple clothes, etc. (I'm trying though!) 
2) I run out of ideas... yup I'm definitely not one of those people who always has an idea to post on a daily basis!
This Friday Faves is all about workout clothes. My absolute favorites to wear. I am definitely a gym rat (usually go to the gym at least 4 times a week for around an hour and a half each time! Thank goodness for an awesome daycare at the gym!) So here's my favorites, please post below for yours so I can get some more!
My Favorite Yoga Pants
I have 2 different pairs I love:
Old Navy Foldover Yoga Pants
These are so comfy especially when I'm on a bike. They stay put and aren't too tough to move in!

These are my absolute favorite yoga pants. They're slimming (bonus!) and super comfy! Stay in place no matter what workout I'm doing. I've worn them to Zumba, Yoga, Weights, & Biking and they are perfect!!

Sport Bras

This is my favorite sports bra so far. It holds everything in place & doesn't move... it's a miracle!

This is my next sports bra purchase! So cute & have heard only good things about it. Then I'll buy their workout tank...

Next week I'll be posting my favorite workout shoes & tanks!

Happy Friday Peeps!


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