Weekend Recap

February 19, 2013

We had so much fun this weekend and the weather was immaculate. I know I love talking about our weather here, but seriously it was so nice all weekend!
We enjoyed our Sunday at the park playing on the playground, seeing the ducks, & playing soccer. It was a bit windy, so soccer got kinda hard to try catching the ball, but we managed!
This is the 1st and last thing Bella wants to do at the park! She loves to climb to the very top.

My favorite picture I took over the weekend! She lost her 4 tooth (another front top tooth) Saturday night, and he smile is just so freakin adorable right now!!

The Hubs & Bella walking to the pond to look at all the ducks. They actually come right beside you cause they think you'll feed them. We completely forgot bread or crackers, but promised next time we'll feed the heck out of them!

Bella starts soccer next month & is obsessed with it. She got 2 soccer balls, a net, and practice soccer stuff for her birthday and has been using it like crazy!

I did play, but was more of the photographer the whole time!

While Daddy ran into HEB, Bella and I hung out in my car. She always loves to pretend to drive while we're parked & this time the song Thrift Shop came on! She was in Heaven!

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