Friday Faves - Self Tanners

March 22, 2013

Did I change the name from Friday Loves to Friday Faves?! Guess so! Not on purpose, just like the name better! Ha!
It's getting super warm here in Texas (yay!!) & with it comes the crop pants, dresses, & sandals. Also comes the need to be tanned and not white as cotton. I'm obsessed with self tanners & decided to post my personal faves.
Sun Laboratories Overnight Tanning Lotion
This is my definite go to self tanner. It's amazing! I use it at least twice a week & there's no streaks, no horrible smell (it actually doesn't have any smell to it), etc. The only downside is it doesn't last as long as some self tanners. But if you don't mind re-applying twice a week, it's the best!

This is my go to for instant tan. It smells like coconuts & comes with the mit shown in the picture & gloves. I love the look this gives, because it's tan but not overly tan or orange. LOVE!

Okay stay with me here, because Jergens completely changed their self tanners this year! They smell amazing ( I'm serious! They used to smell awful, but have gotten 100% better) & the medium to tan tone is amazing. So moisturizing & really has a good golden tan look to it. And it's only $7!!

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