Friday Favorites - YouTubers

March 15, 2013

I'm a huge YouTube person. I love watching these girls & learning so much from them! Especially HACing! (Highlight and Contouring) I never knew so much about makeup until I started watching these ladies! Here's my 4 favorites...

This girl is so outgoing and funny, plus she has the best dupes for MAC makeup! She loves to laugh at herself which is exactly how I am! Love her & her videos!
Beauty Broadcast
Emily is ah-maz-ing!! She loves drugstore makeup & everything she says is right on target. If she says that it's not worth spending money on, you better believe it! I've bought so much makeup because she said how much she loves it! She's down to earth & makes you feel like she's talking to you. 
Leigh Ann Says
I love Leigh Ann! She's a fellow Texan and mentions HEB often which I love! She's also so beautiful & has no problem showing that she loves makeup and clothes! 
Lola Marie
Okay by far this girl is my absolute favorite youtuber! She's exactly like me, she also does hair & will be completely honest on hair products! She posted this video and said she loved S Factor Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, so I went and bought it. Guess what?! I friggin love it!!! She's awesome & a must see!!
Happy Friday Peeps!!

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