My Next Purchase

April 30, 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with shorts of all kinds. I feel like I'm always tugging at them, pulling them down on my legs, etc. But I also live in Texas where the need for shorts starts in April and goes well through September.  So I am always on the hunt for cute not too short shorts. 
 I think I've found a winner...
J.Crew 3" Chino Shorts

They look adorable, come in TONS of colors & don't ride up when you're sitting down! Score! Now if I could just find some adorable jean shorts that do the same thing....

Weekend Wrap Up

April 29, 2013

This weekend was so much fun & the kiddos enjoyed every minute of it! After a LONG workout with the Hubs Sat morning, we went to Bella's soccer game... the girl scored 2 goals!! She's pretty amazing at soccer & after she scored she sat down and said "I don't think I want to play soccer next year." Yup that's my girl right there...
So Saturday night we had all the neighbors over and made a projection to our garage for the UFC fights. It was perfect & everyone had a great time. Definitely planning on another one soon.

Sunday was a relaxation type day. Eric worked on the yard while Bella played & I relaxed under our big front tree. All the neighbors came back over & the kids ended up playing all afternoon. We truly have the best neighbors/neighborhood around!

Cy, Bella, Jayce, & Aiden being goofy!
 The Round Rock Fire Dept was driving by and saw all the kids staring in awe of them, so they stopped and brought them all firemen hats! The kids went crazy! They were so happy!! It truly made for a wonderful weekend!
The Round Rock FD!

All the kids and their hats!

Roaring 20's!

April 25, 2013

Okay so obviously Halloween is a wee bit away, but that never stops me from finding the perfect Halloween costume for those amazing Halloween parties! 

My absolute favorite costumes always have to do with the Roaring 20's... yup my favorite costumes are 1920s costumes. Plus we usually end up having some type of 1920's party so it works out perfectly!! 

So for this year I went with this costume...

OMG so adorable!! I love the fringe the most, but also the detailing on the neckline. Plus it's actually comfortable, & that's pretty rare for costumes! Can't wait to bring it out & have a blast!

I've always had an sweet spot for 20's fashion, mainly because everything was so elegant! Anytime I go searching for a costume for us I always start at Wholesale Costume Club, mainly because the customer service is amazing & they ship so quickly! They have an amazing selection of all different types of costumes to choose from and their prices are completely reasonable. Now that I'm set for Halloween, it's time to start searching for Bella's next costume! 

Southwest Chicken

April 24, 2013


Southwest Chicken

1 lb Chicken tenderloins-cut into small squares,
2 cups instant rice,
1 taco seasoning,
 1 can rotel,
 grated cheese.

Cook chicken in skillet.
Add 1 1/2 cups water, taco seasoning and rotel.
Heat to boiling.
Add 2 cups instant rice.
Stir, remove from heat and cover.
Once water is absorbed, stir and top with cheese.
Let cheese melt and voila!!
Dinners served!
Eat with tostitos, tortillas or by itself!

I found this on Pinterest & don't know who the original maker of this recipe is, but fell in love with this recipe! Super easy to make & delicious!
Printable Recipe


April 23, 2013

I am always on the hunt for new awesome WATERPROOF mascara. Yup in the Central Texas humidity & heat, I always wear only waterproof. It just makes sense. So I tried a mascara I have heard rave reviews about...
Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara


I hated it!
Bah Bah Bah...

Okay let me express that I loved the way it made my lashes full & seperated... but 2 hours in & most of the mascara had flaked off onto my face. Made me look like I literally had slept in my makeup all night! Hello, I had just put the stuff on! I even tried it for a few weeks thinking that once the formula thickens up that would work but nope! Ugh so frustrating!

So tonight I'm heading back out to find the perfect waterproof mascara... wish me luck!


Weekend Wrap Up

April 22, 2013


 My baby girl is amazing at soccer. And not the typical "Mom thinks her daughter's amazing at everything" kind of way, but the "she pretty much scores at least 1 goal every game" type! The Hubs & I are so proud of her and love going to her games and practices!
This happened Saturday night... a wonderfully STRONG margarita to celebrate my sister's birthday!

 Me & my seester celebrating with dinner and drinks Saturday night!
Happy Birthday Sis!
So glad we got to come celebrate it with you!

I think my baby girl looks so adorable with all those missing teeth! She just lights up a room where ever she goes!

Friday Faves - Tribal Edition

April 19, 2013

I have been noticing that tribal is everywhere for Spring & I'm actually starting to like it! Here's some of my favorites this season
Elodie Tribal Print Tank
I think this tank is adorable! I would love it over my swimsuit actually! Totally cute & affordable!
Lush Aztec Bib Split Back
OMG how cute is this?! I would love to have this for our upcoming vacay!!

This comes in different colors & I think it would be perfecto with a cute pair of shorts.  I love those white ones she's wearing, but know that they'd never make it an hour into my life!



April 18, 2013


This has been such a tough week to be an American. Between the bombings in Boston & now the blast in West, TX, my heart is hurting.
My husband is an avid runner & I go to every 5k, 10k, marathon, etc he has with Bella to cheer him on. I couldn't imagine going through this. We've been praying nightly for the people hurt or killed & their families.

This morning I woke up & found out about the explosion in West, TX. It's about 2 hours north of where we live, so it hits so close to home. People including EMS & Firefighters lost their lives trying to save other people. All around Texas blood bank centers have 2+ hours waits to donate blood or plasma. It's amazing how in times of crisis Americans everywhere get toghether and help each other.

We are all Americans & we will get through these tragedies together!


April 17, 2013

Since it's starting to warm up here finally, I have changed my foundation. I used Revlon 24-Hr Whipped, but with the heat, it makes me feel cakey. (In the Fall & Winter, it is amazing!) So I heard great things about this product & thought I'd try it...
Loreal True Match Lumi

It's definitely not as thick as my previous foundation, but it has a good medium coverage. I've been using it for around a week & love it! It's a great foundation that I'll definitely keep using this summer!

Oven Tacos... Yummmm!

April 16, 2013


I got this recipe from Mommy I'm Hungry & made it Saturday night... it was delicious!!

Here's the amazingly easy recipe:

Oven Tacos
adapted from Blog Chef

2 lbs ground beef (or turkey/chicken) (I used turkey!)
1 small onion diced
1 small can diced green chilies
1 recipe for Homemade taco seasoning (below)
1 (8 ounce) can low sodium tomato sauce
1 (16 ounce) can fat free refried beans
2 cups shredded reduced fat Colby-jack cheese
18-20 hard taco shells

Optional Condiments-
Lettuce (shredded)
Tomato (diced)
Sour Cream
Olives, sliced 

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 

In a large skillet brown ground beef and onion over medium-high heat. Drain off any excess liquid. Return to pan, add chilies, refried beans, tomato sauce, and taco seasoning. Mix well and cook for a few minutes if mixture seems runny.

Spoon the taco meat mixture into the taco shells and place into a 9 x 13 inch baking dish (OR check out The Taco Rack), standing up. Sprinkle cheese over the top of the taco meat in each shell. Place into the oven and bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the tacos are heated through.
Remove from the oven and top with any optional condiments for serving.

Taco Seasoning
1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon black pepper

In a small bowl, mix all together. Store in an airtight container.
I used all of this on 2 lbs of ground meat with a little water mixed in.

Okay these were seriously delicious! I made around 20 total tacos. My neighbors ate them & loved them, the Hubs ate 4 in one sitting! Such a great & easy recipe!


What Every Girl Needs

April 15, 2013

What's the one thing every.single.girl needs at least once a month?! And no I'm not talking about what you think, I'm talking about a girl's night out!! My friends and I usually have one once a month at the local wine bar near our houses. It's the best time to catch up, relax, drink delicious wine, & eat some yummy food!
Jess, Sandra, Lisa, Sonia, Vicky, Jamie, Ashley, & me
This is a picture from about a week or so ago when we all met up. We really have around 12 or 13 girls in our group that meet up, but of course not everyone can make it every time. These girls are amazing, fun, & it really helps me relax & recoup after a long week at work.
Having fun with our kegerators! Love these girls!
I highly recomment everyone has girl's nights together, it really makes for the most fun you'll have! Happy Monday!!

Team Rockies

April 14, 2013

Bella's soccer team... The Rockies! 

A little weekend update which never happens with me, but I'm so proud of my baby girl, so I wanted to brag a little!  She scores goal, blocks the ball, & even took a soccer ball to the face on Saturday. She was fine no bleeding or loose teeth, so she got back out there to finish the game! I never played soccer, so she definitely got her skills from The Hubs! 

Hope everyone is having a perfect weekend! 

My Little Secret...

April 12, 2013

I am huge about my teeth. I just recently finished Invisalign which took almost 2 years & lots of $$ to do, so I make sure and keep my teeth clean & white to show off my new smile! (My teeth were jacked before the Invisalign & I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to straighten their teeth, no one knew I even had them for the whole 2 years!) Anyway to keep my teeth as white as possible, I use this...
Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel

I usually keep it on for 5 minutes 3x a week when getting ready for work & it really does a fantastic job whitening my teeth. You can get it at CVS/Walgreen or online & it's like $6!! Seriously people, it's ahmazeballs! I didn't even get asked to review this, just love the product so much I wanted to put it out there!

Have a wonderful Friday!!

Btw, y'all like the new look? I love it! But you know me & anything sparkly!!


April 11, 2013

I really do flat iron my hair I know, it's bad, blah blah blah, but I can't imagine not having it soft, straight, & shiny! (Except when I curl & that's a whole other story!) Anway, I own a GHD Flat Iron & am obsessed over it!
GHD Flat Iron
It heats up super quickly, shuts off if you forget to, & makes my hair so silky & beautiful!! I really do love love love this flat iron!

1st Soccer Game!

April 8, 2013

Saturday Bella had her 1st soccer game & it was so much fun to watch!
Right before we left for her game

After scoring the 1st goal of the game!

Go Rockies!

She had a blast & it was so great that Eric's whole family came out to cheer her on!


April 4, 2013

Okay, you peeps know my hair is extremely highlighted, blow dried, and flat ironed daily. Yeah I'm pretty rough on my hair, but I found a conditioner that keeps it shiny, healthy, smooth, & works like magic!
Aquage Equalizing Detangler
This stuff is magic & I'm obsessed! I love love love this product (and pretty much all products from Aquage!) If you do a ton of damage to your hair like I do, definitely try this out!
1 more Aquage product I'm loving...
Aquage Beyond Shine

Yes, I'm an Aqauge Freak, I'll admit it! But this is literally the only shine spray that doesn't make my hair look greasy afterwards. Just pretty, light, & definitely shiny! Score!

Picture Collage Maker

April 2, 2013

If you've read my blog at all, you know I love taking pictures, especially of Bella. I am a IPhone camera person and use it constantly! So when I was asked to review the full Picture Collage Maker app, I jumped at the chance! Let me tell you, it was amazeballs! Seriously, I made this cute collage from our Easter weekend & immediately posted to my facebook. So easy & fun!

Isn't this adorable?! I love it & it literally took me minutes to make! You can also make your own calendars, add pictures, etc. Such a fun and awesome app! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves taking pictures, blogging, scrapbooking, etc. Super easy & perfect for families!

Disclaimer: I was given the app in order to review it. I was not compensated in any way for a good or favorable review. All opinions expressed are that of My Munoz Family Blog.

Easter Weekend

April 1, 2013

Easter weekend was so much fun. I'm so happy we went to my hometown and visited my family! It was great getting to catch up with all of them & Bella loved playing with her cousin all day! We had a wonderful dinner followed by a great Easter Egg Hunt!
After the Easter Bunny came! She loves her new Froggy!
We came home early & spent Sunday with Eric's family. The weather held out long enough for us to have Bella's 3rd Easter egg hunt of the weekend!
Easter gift from Grandma & Grandpa

Uncle Mark & Bella playing their usual craziness!

Bella smashing a cascarone on The Hub's head

Playing with silly string!

Grandma & Grandpa with their favorite granddaughters... Bella & Olivia

Happy Easter from My Munoz Family
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