My Little Secret...

April 12, 2013

I am huge about my teeth. I just recently finished Invisalign which took almost 2 years & lots of $$ to do, so I make sure and keep my teeth clean & white to show off my new smile! (My teeth were jacked before the Invisalign & I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to straighten their teeth, no one knew I even had them for the whole 2 years!) Anyway to keep my teeth as white as possible, I use this...
Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel

I usually keep it on for 5 minutes 3x a week when getting ready for work & it really does a fantastic job whitening my teeth. You can get it at CVS/Walgreen or online & it's like $6!! Seriously people, it's ahmazeballs! I didn't even get asked to review this, just love the product so much I wanted to put it out there!

Have a wonderful Friday!!

Btw, y'all like the new look? I love it! But you know me & anything sparkly!!

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