Roaring 20's!

April 25, 2013

Okay so obviously Halloween is a wee bit away, but that never stops me from finding the perfect Halloween costume for those amazing Halloween parties! 

My absolute favorite costumes always have to do with the Roaring 20's... yup my favorite costumes are 1920s costumes. Plus we usually end up having some type of 1920's party so it works out perfectly!! 

So for this year I went with this costume...

OMG so adorable!! I love the fringe the most, but also the detailing on the neckline. Plus it's actually comfortable, & that's pretty rare for costumes! Can't wait to bring it out & have a blast!

I've always had an sweet spot for 20's fashion, mainly because everything was so elegant! Anytime I go searching for a costume for us I always start at Wholesale Costume Club, mainly because the customer service is amazing & they ship so quickly! They have an amazing selection of all different types of costumes to choose from and their prices are completely reasonable. Now that I'm set for Halloween, it's time to start searching for Bella's next costume! 

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