Weekend Wrap Up

April 29, 2013

This weekend was so much fun & the kiddos enjoyed every minute of it! After a LONG workout with the Hubs Sat morning, we went to Bella's soccer game... the girl scored 2 goals!! She's pretty amazing at soccer & after she scored she sat down and said "I don't think I want to play soccer next year." Yup that's my girl right there...
So Saturday night we had all the neighbors over and made a projection to our garage for the UFC fights. It was perfect & everyone had a great time. Definitely planning on another one soon.

Sunday was a relaxation type day. Eric worked on the yard while Bella played & I relaxed under our big front tree. All the neighbors came back over & the kids ended up playing all afternoon. We truly have the best neighbors/neighborhood around!

Cy, Bella, Jayce, & Aiden being goofy!
 The Round Rock Fire Dept was driving by and saw all the kids staring in awe of them, so they stopped and brought them all firemen hats! The kids went crazy! They were so happy!! It truly made for a wonderful weekend!
The Round Rock FD!

All the kids and their hats!

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