What Every Girl Needs

April 15, 2013

What's the one thing every.single.girl needs at least once a month?! And no I'm not talking about what you think, I'm talking about a girl's night out!! My friends and I usually have one once a month at the local wine bar near our houses. It's the best time to catch up, relax, drink delicious wine, & eat some yummy food!
Jess, Sandra, Lisa, Sonia, Vicky, Jamie, Ashley, & me
This is a picture from about a week or so ago when we all met up. We really have around 12 or 13 girls in our group that meet up, but of course not everyone can make it every time. These girls are amazing, fun, & it really helps me relax & recoup after a long week at work.
Having fun with our kegerators! Love these girls!
I highly recomment everyone has girl's nights together, it really makes for the most fun you'll have! Happy Monday!!

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