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May 22, 2013

I am so excited for some of my favorite shows to be starting back this summer. Usually it's boring re-runs, but these shows I already have my DVR set to record!
True Blood
Okay let me be real honest about this show... last season wasn't so great. I've watched every single season and love this show, but was disappointed in the last season. I still am excited when it starts next month & hope this season is a lot better!

It starts June 16th on HBO!

This was a show back in the 90's that came from the UK & was awesome over here. I am addicted to reruns of this show on youtube because I will seriously laugh the entire time it's on.  Wayne, Ryan, & Colin are amazingly hilarious together and I was so excited when I found out it was coming back!

 It starts July 16th on the CW!

And my all time favorite show coming this summer is... Suits!! First off I'm in love with Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht). He's so sexy in his designer suits & the way he talks... wow! Haha! But it's a great show & definitely fast paced which I love. Eric even is addicted to Suits!

It starts July 16th on USA!


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