Mother's Day Recap

May 13, 2013

Did everyone have a fabulous Mother's Day? Aside from me being stupid and drinking a wee bit too much Saturday night, ours was awesome. Yup Momma was not feeling well when she was taken to brunch yesterday. Thank goodness a little Z Tejas Brunch helped me out. I had the breakfast enchiladas and they were to die for yummy!
My little fam at brunch Sunday
Afterwards I came home to rest up while The Hubs cleaned the house & did laundry for me... heavenly! We decided to celebrate the wonderfully beautiful weather we were having by going to Brushy Creek and letting Bella get her feet wet...

Love love love these 2!
We came back and let her put her swimsuit on then run around the front yard while The Hubs sprayed her with water. It made me laugh like crazy because she kept yelling "Ellen!!" when she'd get wet & we asked who Ellen was and she goes "I don't know?!" Silly goose!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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