Weekend Wrap Up

May 7, 2013

It's coming to ya on a Tuesday... mainly because I was so run down yesterday I ended up staying home all day in my pj's and sleeping. It was glorious! and boring! So here's how our weekend played out.
Friday night one of our friends from Maryland came into town with her fabulous kiddos & we all went to dinner and hung out catch up with them. It was so much fun! We took them to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and the 3 of us moms shared a pitcher of sangria margaritas! (We decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo a few days early)
Me, Kellie, & Melissa
Saturday we took Bella to her soccer game and she scored another goal! They won 7-3!
Blurry but still cute!
 Then she went to kids night out at the YMCA which allowed The Hubs & I to have a mini date night! We went to our favorite sushi place...
And came home to relax and watch a movie together. Overall a good long exhausting weekend...

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