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July 24, 2013

I am a self confessed YouTubeaholic. I will sit for hours watching different videos on makeup, hair, funny shows I used to watch, etc. Make up (shockingly) is my favorite ones to watch. I have learned so many neato things from them & actually go to those videos when trying to decide what to buy and what works the best. Here's my updated list of favorite YouTubers:
She is insanely hilarious! She's a fellow Texan & she loves to take you shopping with her & try new As Seen on TV products out to see if they really work. There's quite a few videos she's done that I literally have laughed so hard I'm crying. Definitely a must see!
Tati is perfect for telling you anything and everything about makeup. She's gorgeous & loves to try out new drugstore and highend makeup. She's very down to earth & is completely honest about products she likes and ones she doesn't.
She is so hilarous when she tells you her favorites! She definitely doesn't post enough because I'm always in search of a new video from her. But she's a professional stylist and will tell you what haircare products work and which don't. Love!

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  1. I am terrible about watching YouTube. People send me videos all the time and they just sit in my inbox until they call me out on not having watched them. These look like the kind that I might actually enjoy though!


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