Friday Faves... Fall Boots

July 19, 2013

So this week we have had rain & it's been in the 90's all week... in JULY in TEXAS.  WHAT?! Yeah and so of course dipping below the 100 mark makes me think of Fall & Fall makes me think of cute boots I'm dying for... so here are a few I'll be begging the Hubs for this year. (I'm not holding my breath for them though!)
Frye Paige Trapunto Boots

Ummm yes please! They look so cute and comfy I just want to put on some skinny jeans and pray for the 70 degree weather to get here! Now being that these are around $350, my thoughts are that The Hubs will tell me fat chance!

I posted about these last year and finally went out and bought a pair. (Of boots that is!) Best shoe purchase I've ever made. I've pretty much worn the life out of them & will have to buy another pair before the cold weather hits. (In January!)

Confession, I've never owned a pair of riding boots before. WHAT?!? Yup, wierdo I know. But that shall change this Fall I predict! (It better!) These are so adorable and only around $180! Plus I'm a huge Aldo fan! Love their heels too!!

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  1. I've been eyeing some fall boots too! It almost has me wanting summer to be over (almost!)


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