July 10, 2013

How am I just now getting on this bandwagon?! I've heard nothing but amazing reviews & everytime I went to get it, I talked myself out of it because PEOPLE IT'S EXPENSIVE!!
I mean $20 for a SMALL bottle?! Are ya kidding me?!
But my hair is getting really dry from the pool, heat, sun, plus washing it almost daily after working out, so I finally gave in & made the insane jump to buy it.
And let me tell you...
I'm so serious, I actually saw a huge change in my hair the next morning after it dried. (And yes I am one of those weirdos who lets my hair air dry. Not because it's good for it, but because I'm horribly lazy when it comes to my hair!)

Go out... go out today & invest in this stuff!!

And nope, wasn't given anything for free nor paid for this, just adore it completely!

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