July 18, 2013

Another hair product... yup it's getting out of hand at this point. I always felt I didn't put much product in my hair, but after starting my obsessed posts, I realize I am indeed wrong. Oh well, It Is What It Is (This saying I hate more than anything!!!)
TIGI After Party
Okay so what this does is magical... kinda. After I've flat ironed my hair I get about a dime size of this and rub it in my hair. It smoothes all the little fly aways & makes my hair more soft & shiny. No seriously people, this crap is awesome! I can usually find it for around $15 & I'm never without it.

One time I thought I'd be supa smart & try to find a knock off of this at HEB. Yup ended up with helmet hair all the day long. Never.Again.

What products are you obsessed with?

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