It's That Time Again

August 30, 2013

Time for some football!!! Longhorn Football to be exact!

Everyone's got their burnt orange on & we're ready for a winning season!




Don't Hate Me, But...

August 29, 2013

I am a huge stalker follower of Venus Trapped & saw this post she did.  I thought, what a perfect idea! There's so many things I really don't like, but am too worried about what people think to post them. Well now I am...
1) Don't hate me, but I hate cats.
My mom was allergic to them, so I never had one growing up & they scare the piss out of me. They all look mean & like to get right up in your bizz...
2) Don't hate me, but I don't get the Walking Dead.
I tried watching it. I watched the 1st 2 episodes and it was boring! People kept telling me to watch the 1st season and then I'd get it, but seriously if after 2 hours of watching, I'm still bored then I'm out.
3) Don't hate me, but I hate Spark.
The energy powder stuff? Yeah I tried it a few times and saw absolutely no change in my energy levels or my mental focus. I know, I know people out there swear by it for working out, but I'll stick to my amazing GNC vitamins thank you very much. 
4) Don't hate me, but I will not do a cleanse.
No seriously, who wants to drink your meals all day, just to spend the rest of it in the bathroom?! I get that it's good for your body to clean it out, but the thought of a cleanse to me is just disgusting.
5) Don't hate me, but I'm not a fan of hamburgers.
Or beef really at all. I'll have a hamburger once in a blue moon and they sure do smell delish, but ground beef really turns my stomach. I'd much rather have a salad, chicken sandwich, or turkey burger. Stupid health nut in me!
6) Don't hate me, but I'm not a fan of Twilight.
I hadn't even heard of Twilight until after I had Bella and kept seeing her name everywhere. The books were good, not amazing, but good. The movies were atrocious. All of them. And no, I did not name my child after Bella from Twilight. (I get that a lot!)

Shockingly Cute Clothes on the Cheap

August 28, 2013

I am nothing if not a bargain shopper. Granted I will always ALWAYS spend good money on my jeans, because to me those are something you can't skimp on. But when it comes to cute tops or shoes, I'm going to look for the sale items before I ever look at paying full price. Here's what I've found so far that I love!

H&M Jersey Top with Lace
They have this in 5 different colors (grey, black, white, dusty green, & navy) and this shirt is on sale for $5!!! I saw it and ordered the navy one right away. Seriously, $5!!!! I'm beyond excited!

Old Navy is one of those stores that sometimes has the most adorable things, and sometimes has nothing cute at all. Autumn is definitely looking to be the best of the best & at the right price! This adorable top is $11.97! (On sale!) Perfect for work or weekends!

Forever 21 is my go to place for cute cheap tops! They actually are made pretty well now a days & last quite a while. This one is only $19.80! Perfect for work with a pair of cute jeans or leggings! Perfect for Fall. 

What are your go to stores for cute cheap clothes? 

Crock Pot Taco Soup

August 27, 2013

I'm on a roll with recipes lately! Hopefully for the blog & my family, this keeps up! This recipe I got off Pinterest from Stockpiling Moms.
Let me be totally honest, I hate crockpot food. I know I know, super easy to throw everything in and go. Here's my problem with it... anything I've tried to make in our old as hell crockpot usually ends up being soggy & tasting a little off to me. So I thought why not try one last time and see?! I love taco soup, so I went ahead and tried it... it was AMAZING!
Here's the delish recipe:
Crock Pot Taco Soup

1 lb ground turkey
1 can black beans
1 can red beans
1 can Rotel
1 packet ranch seasoning
1 package taco seasoning
1 package frozen corn
2 cups water
Tortilla chips
Sour cream
Shredded cheese
1) Combine all ingredients in the crockpot except tortilla chips, cheese, & sour cream
2) DO NOT drain any of the cans!
3) Cook the turkey and drain, then add to the crockpot.
4)Stir well and cover
4) Cook on low for 6-8 hours
5) Serve with the tortilla chips, sour cream, & cheese
6) Enjoy!
Printable Recipe

1st Grade

August 26, 2013

Today Bella started 1st grade.  Wow, 1st grade... it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital & now she's a full fledged 1st grader. 

Bella, you are the most feisty, head strong, funny, & fun loving kid I know. You are so excited to be starting school again & I pray that eagerness continues every year. You're hoping your friends from last year will be in your class again, and although I know not all of them will be with you, I am happy to see that you still can see them often. 

As Daddy & I dropped you off today, you smiled a huge smile and it melted my heart. I know my little baby girl is growing up and although it breaks my heart to see you get older and want to spend time with your friends more than me, I know that I still get those amazing hugs you love. I know that when your tired or sick, your favorite thing is to snuggle next to me & fall asleep in my arms. I pray that stays the same for many years to come. 

So as you begin your 1st day of 1st grade, I hope you love every single day ahead of you this school year. Trust me, it will fly by & you'll look back and have fond memories of your teacher and friends. Good luck & know that we're here for anything you need. (Except English which is my worst subject!) 

We love you!

This or That Beauty Edition

August 23, 2013

 I found this last week on Sparkle & Mine, & thought it was an awesome idea to do my own! I'm not a tagger, so I won't be tagging anyone else, but if you want to participate please post your link below!
This or That
blush or bronzer? Definitely blush. I can go without bronzer, but if I don't have blush on I looked completely washed out.
lip gloss or lipstick? I'm a die hard Chapstick only fan, but when I need to dress it up a bit, I'll always go for lip gloss. 
eye liner or mascara? Definitely mascara
foundation or concealer? I would go with concealer. I can use it all over if needed!
neutral or color eye shadow? Definitely neutral! I don
t own any eye shadows that arent neutral.
pressed or loose eye shadows? I like both, but I have to go with pressed just because they are less messy to work with. 
brushes or sponges? Brushes!

OPI or China Glaze? I
m a die hard OPI girl!
long or short? Probably short, just because I don't like the look of super long nails. I feel like they look more clean and polished when they are on the shorter side. 
acrylic or natural? Definitely natural, I'm not a fan of acrylic nails. 
brights or darks? It depends on the season. Right now, I
m totally into bright nails, but once the Fall comes Ill go darker.
flower or no flower? I don
t do nail art, so definitely no flower. 


perfume or body splash? Perfume. I only put it on in the mornings before work and thats it. Nothing overpowering 
lotion or body butter? I love both, but I use lotion more!
body wash or soap? Always body wash
Lush or other bath company? I
ve never tried Lush I know its sad!

jeans or
sweat pants? Always jeans, no sweats unless Im sick
long sleeve or short? Easy, I live in TX, always short sleeves.
dresses or skirts? Dresses, I feel like skirts make me look shorter.
stripes or plaid? Stripes!
flip flops or sandals? Don't make me choose! I
m the biggest flip flops fan ever, but also love to dress it up a little with some cute sandals.
scarves or hats? I love scarves! I'm just not a hat person.
studs or dangly earrings?  Here
s the crazy thing about me, my ears are pierced 3x in each ear, & I never wear earrings. I dont know why, just dont.
necklaces or bracelets? I love both, but I wear necklaces on a daily basis.
heels or flats? Both depending on the occasion. Usually flats until dress up time comes around!
boots or riding boots? Definitely cowboy boots. I love my cowboy boots!
jacket or hoodie? Jacket. Hoodies remind me of high school & that was a super long time ago.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever 21, although I don
t shop too often at either.
Abercombie or Hollister? Neither! Those clothes are too small and way too expensive for what they are.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom? Nordstrom always Nordstrom!

curly or straight? I
m almost always with straight hair, but I do love a good beachy wave from time to time.
bun or ponytail? Bun!
bobby pins or butterfly clips? Do they still make butterfly clips?! Definitely bobby pins for me.
hair spray or gel? Hair spray!
long or short? I hate short hair on me, so definitely long always!
light or dark? I
m a huge highlighting fan and love rocking the blonde!
side swept bangs or full bangs? I don't have either, but if I were to get some it would be side swept. 
up or down? Almost always down unless I
m lazy or at the gym.

rain or shine? Shine, hence why I live in Austin!
summer or winter? Always summer (see why with the last answer!)
fall or spring? Fall
chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
east coast or west coast? East! I
m a NY girl at heart. Most of my family still lives there & I love visiting as often as possible!

Too Early For Fall Colors?!

August 22, 2013

I know I just did a post on my favorite Summer colors a few weeks ago, but now my mind's racing to my favorite colors for Fall 2013. I know it's getting a little out of hand at this point but I just had to share my upcoming favorites with you..
OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane
Dark reds are my weakness in the fall. They just look good on everyone & seem to match almost everything I wear. This one in the San Francisco Collection really caught my eye. Swoon!
Essie Over The Top
I just love this pretty gray color for Fall. I like that it has a hint of shimmer, but not too overbearing. Just perfect for that little black dress occasion!
OPI Incognito in Sausalito
I've never been a blue nail polish fan, but this one is so beautiful! I might just have to try it!


August 21, 2013

Okay so I know for some of you the summer is starting to wind down a bit. For us here in Texas, we still have at least 2 months left of extremely warm sandal weather. I realized this weekend, my only pair of black flip flops were on their last leg when I started seeing string from the stitching coming off quickly.
Luckily, I ran into one of my favorite shoe stores, Aldo this weekend (which was also tax free weekend... score!) and got these adorable puppies.
Aldo Frisand

Oh yeah they are so adorable! With the black, then the brown and a cute little buckle?! They were perfect. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in stock, but they said they would ship them FREE to my house! I ordered them on Saturday morning & got them Tuesday afternoon! I am wearing them now & they are so darn comfy! The sole has good cushion on it & the straps don't hurt at all while breaking them in.

I've always loved Aldo shoes, especially their heels, but I love them even more now!

Product Fail

August 20, 2013

I have been thoroughly hunting for a great liquid eyeliner pen that is waterproof. This is not an easy task! I love how easy the pen liners are, but either they hurt like hell on your eyelid, or they disappear half way through the day.
I thought I had found it! The perfect long lasting eyeliner pen. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen had it all. The pen looked good, the color was perfect, & it was supposed to last 16 hours. I bought it, got it home, tried it and...
It hurt my eyelids SO BAD! Plus hardly anything came out. It had very light pigmentation. I mean could barely see the color light. I immediately put it back in the packaging it came in, took it back to HEB & got my money back. I RARELY take any makeup back because I think that it might change the more I use it. Not this product. It scratched me so much I was too scared to try it again.

Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe I just got a bad one?!

Mexican Casserole - A Favorite in Our Casa

August 19, 2013

I found this recipe a few years ago on the Big Mama Blog & have been making ever since for my family. We absolutely are in love with this recipe! I did a little changes here and there (hence the turkey meat to make it a tad healthier), but overall I follow the directions to the T. It's easy, delish, & we usually have enough left overs for the next night!

Mexican Casserole

1 lb. ground turkey
1 chopped onion
15 oz. can Ranch Style beans
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can Rotel
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. chili powder
Tortilla chips
1 pound grated cheddar

1) Brown turkey and onions. Drain grease. 
2) Add beans, soup, Rotel, salt, chili powder and simmer for 10 minutes.
3) Line greased casserole dish with chips and half of cheese.
4) Spoon the mixture on top of chips.
5) Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top.
6) Bake at 300 for 30 minutes.
7) Enjoy!

I have come to realize that we love ourselves some type/version of Mexican casseroles at our house. They're easy & delicious. Plus they are pretty filling! Hope you love this recipe as much as we do!
Printable Recipe

If I Had To By All New Hair Products

August 16, 2013

Last Friday I did a post about if I had to start over with my makeup. It was drugstore only & I loved posting about everything I am insanely in love with. I thought why not do the same only with hair products?! Here's the only problem with this logic... I rarely ever buy hair products at the grocery/drug store.
So bare with me, but here's the products I'd go buy if I lost my luggage. Granted they are definitely not as cheap as the makeup, but they are products I can't live without!

Shampoo & Conditioner: This one is definitely the toughest for me. I use so many different ones because my hair gets used to them quickly. I picked S Factor Smoothing Line for the main fact that it makes my hair so soft, smooth, & shiny! (My top 3 S's for great hair!) They are definitely pricey, but totally worth it.
Leave-in Conditioner: This was too easy for me. It's definitely It's A 10 Miracle Leave In. This stuff truly is amazeballs. I won't lie, at the store it's $20 for 4 oz. but it's so worth it! I use this every.single.time I was my hair. I noticed a change immediately & will never use another leave in again!
Smoothing Product: Again another super easy one for me to pick. My stylist gave me a sample of this stuff and I've been hooked ever since. Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek. All you need is a dime sized amount for long hair. Put it in after washing when your hair is still wet & it will be so smooth you will barely need a flat iron! It's perfection in my book!
Hairspray: I'm not a huge hairspray person, but I do know that there's only 1 hairspray out there that's the best selling, non-sticky, keeps your hair in place without making it feel like straw product. Kenra Volume Spray 25.
Flat Iron: This is the one my stylist uses on me & it will be my next flat iron because it's awesome... Babyliss 1 1/2" Pro Flat Iron.
Curling Iron: Okay I've never tried this product, but heard from so many people (youtubers mainly) about the amazingness of this product. Nume Reverse Curling Wand. And I want it! Like now!
What's your must have's for hair products?

Easy Enchilada Casserole

August 15, 2013

I found this recipe here & decided to change it around just a little bit. It came out so good!! The whole family loved it and gobbled it up!

Easy Enchilada Casserole

1 lb ground turkey
1 dozen flour tortillas
1 can chopped olives
1 - 10oz can cream of mushroom soup
1 - 10oz can cream of chicken soup
1/2 onion (chopped)
1 lb shredded cheddar cheese
1 can diced green chiles
1 -10oz can enchilada sauce
optional garnishes: salsa, guacamole, and sour cream

1) Cook the turkey completely
2) In a large pot mix together both soups, enchilada sauce, olives, onion, & chiles over medium heat.

3) Add the ground turkey and 1/2 the cheese
4) Cut the flour tortillas into strips & add 1/2 to the mix

5) With the other half of the tortillas make a bottom layer on the casserole dish

6)Pour the mix over the layer of tortillas strips 

7) Use the 2nd 1/2 of the cheese and make a top layer for the casserole

8) Cook in oven at 350 for 45 minutes
9) Garnish with the salsa, guacamole, & sour cream
10) Enjoy!

Printable Recipe


August 14, 2013

Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday.
It's not a big birthday, but it is just as special for me. This past year has been hard, amazing, fun, heart wrenching, yet I wouldn't have changed anything.
Within the next year I will celebrate The Hubs & my 9th wedding anniversary, our 14th anniversary together overall, & Bella's 7th birthday. This next year we will go on a Disney Cruise again, go to the beach with family, celebrate the holidays with both families, and just enjoy being in my 30's.
This coming weekend I'm excited to have my friends coming to celebrate with me. We decided to keep it more low key this year and have a Luau party at our neighborhood pool. Nothing too fancy, but just pure fun, sun, drinks, & pool time! Sounds absolutely perfect!
So here's to another 32 (and lots more!) years. May they all be as special to me as this one will be!

Honestly Me

August 13, 2013

Usually when I post any pictures of myself on here, Facebook, Istagram, etc. it's always of me with people. I'm so not a selfie picture taking person. Trust me, I've tried numerous times and I always feel like there's just something wrong with them. I'm looking at the camera too much, then not enough, my hair looks weird in that angle, etc. Yeah I'm hard on myself, but who isn't?!
So I thought for once I'm going to be totally out there with y'all. It's obvious I highlight my hair, but I'm pretty sure you have no clue just how much. Amanda's a genius and always makes me look amazing, but did you know that I have to go to her every 4 weeks to get touched up? Oh yeah, my hair grows like a friggin weed. Maybe it's all the vitamins I take? I'm not sure, but within 4 weeks my hair usually looks like this.
Root Central ladies!
And what's worse?!
Oh yeah those roots are now starting to show these beautiful silvery gray hairs in them. I never thought at 31 (until tomorrow!!) I'd start having gray hairs! They are few and far between, but I can see them right away. And you know those little b's get highlighted right away! This is how I come out looking after getting touched up by the fabulous Amanda...
I hate Selfies!
Hallelujah I look much more me. I can never pull off dark brown (almost black) hair so I'll be highlighting until I just don't care anymore. And I have a feeling that won't be until I'm in an elderly home with Bella and her kiddos visiting me on holidays!
So I guess what all this mumbo jumbo I'm talking about is that I want to make sure and stay true to myself & this blog. Sure I don't have perfect hair, skin, body, etc. But what I have I learned to accept and even love. Because honestly, if you don't love yourself, then whose going to?!
Oh and tomorrow is a big day for me... 32!
Dear Lord pray for me!

What Power Ranger Do You Want To Be?

August 12, 2013

I hate saying this, but Summer's almost gone (insert sad faces here) & the Fall is almost here. Along with Fall, comes Halloween. It's definitely one of my very favorite holidays & even more it's definitely one of Bella's favorites. That's why I'm so glad we went online to Costume Discounters and found her perfect costume. 
I tried to get her to pick out something girly and sweet, but she had already known exactly what she wants to be... 
The Pink Power Ranger

How cute is she?! I didn't even realize the Power Rangers were back, but they are and she loves them! So we went online and started looking around. It took her all of 2 minutes to find the pink ranger & tell me she's found THE PERFECT COSTUME. (Oh to be a kid again!) 
 The process was honestly quick and painless. They shipped it out the very next morning & it was on my doorstep a few days later. 
Easy peasy!   
I definitely recommend Costume Discounters for all your Halloween needs. I've used them multiple times and have always been completely satisfied! 

Disclaimer: I was given the costume in order to review. I was not compensated in any way for a positive or favorable review. All opinions are that of My Munoz Family Blog.
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