1st Grade

August 26, 2013

Today Bella started 1st grade.  Wow, 1st grade... it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital & now she's a full fledged 1st grader. 

Bella, you are the most feisty, head strong, funny, & fun loving kid I know. You are so excited to be starting school again & I pray that eagerness continues every year. You're hoping your friends from last year will be in your class again, and although I know not all of them will be with you, I am happy to see that you still can see them often. 

As Daddy & I dropped you off today, you smiled a huge smile and it melted my heart. I know my little baby girl is growing up and although it breaks my heart to see you get older and want to spend time with your friends more than me, I know that I still get those amazing hugs you love. I know that when your tired or sick, your favorite thing is to snuggle next to me & fall asleep in my arms. I pray that stays the same for many years to come. 

So as you begin your 1st day of 1st grade, I hope you love every single day ahead of you this school year. Trust me, it will fly by & you'll look back and have fond memories of your teacher and friends. Good luck & know that we're here for anything you need. (Except English which is my worst subject!) 

We love you!

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