Friday Faves - Baseball Tees

August 2, 2013

I have a love/love relationship with baseball tshirts. I love how cute yet sporty they are. I love how you can have your favorite team on the shirt and not look boyish. I love how comfy they are. But most importantly, I love how they look with a pair of cut offs and Converse. Adorbs! I went scouting the internets and found my top 3 favorite baseball T's...
Victorias Secret Burnout Baseball Tee
So so so cute! It looks omg comfy & I love the coral/off white color. I love the buttons down the front to give it just a little more pizzaz! (Did I just say pizzaz?!? You betcha!)

I like this in the Navy color a little more than the gray, but this is definitely the epitome of baseball tee's.  Soft, cute, comfy and best of all? 

CHEAP!! (This one goes for $8.50!)

Sorry for the blurry pic!
I love how the shirt is grey and not straight out white. Looks like you wouldn't need a tank to wear underneath.  The colors are super cute together. Love it!

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