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August 13, 2013

Usually when I post any pictures of myself on here, Facebook, Istagram, etc. it's always of me with people. I'm so not a selfie picture taking person. Trust me, I've tried numerous times and I always feel like there's just something wrong with them. I'm looking at the camera too much, then not enough, my hair looks weird in that angle, etc. Yeah I'm hard on myself, but who isn't?!
So I thought for once I'm going to be totally out there with y'all. It's obvious I highlight my hair, but I'm pretty sure you have no clue just how much. Amanda's a genius and always makes me look amazing, but did you know that I have to go to her every 4 weeks to get touched up? Oh yeah, my hair grows like a friggin weed. Maybe it's all the vitamins I take? I'm not sure, but within 4 weeks my hair usually looks like this.
Root Central ladies!
And what's worse?!
Oh yeah those roots are now starting to show these beautiful silvery gray hairs in them. I never thought at 31 (until tomorrow!!) I'd start having gray hairs! They are few and far between, but I can see them right away. And you know those little b's get highlighted right away! This is how I come out looking after getting touched up by the fabulous Amanda...
I hate Selfies!
Hallelujah I look much more me. I can never pull off dark brown (almost black) hair so I'll be highlighting until I just don't care anymore. And I have a feeling that won't be until I'm in an elderly home with Bella and her kiddos visiting me on holidays!
So I guess what all this mumbo jumbo I'm talking about is that I want to make sure and stay true to myself & this blog. Sure I don't have perfect hair, skin, body, etc. But what I have I learned to accept and even love. Because honestly, if you don't love yourself, then whose going to?!
Oh and tomorrow is a big day for me... 32!
Dear Lord pray for me!

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