August 21, 2013

Okay so I know for some of you the summer is starting to wind down a bit. For us here in Texas, we still have at least 2 months left of extremely warm sandal weather. I realized this weekend, my only pair of black flip flops were on their last leg when I started seeing string from the stitching coming off quickly.
Luckily, I ran into one of my favorite shoe stores, Aldo this weekend (which was also tax free weekend... score!) and got these adorable puppies.
Aldo Frisand

Oh yeah they are so adorable! With the black, then the brown and a cute little buckle?! They were perfect. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in stock, but they said they would ship them FREE to my house! I ordered them on Saturday morning & got them Tuesday afternoon! I am wearing them now & they are so darn comfy! The sole has good cushion on it & the straps don't hurt at all while breaking them in.

I've always loved Aldo shoes, especially their heels, but I love them even more now!

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