This or That Beauty Edition

August 23, 2013

 I found this last week on Sparkle & Mine, & thought it was an awesome idea to do my own! I'm not a tagger, so I won't be tagging anyone else, but if you want to participate please post your link below!
This or That
blush or bronzer? Definitely blush. I can go without bronzer, but if I don't have blush on I looked completely washed out.
lip gloss or lipstick? I'm a die hard Chapstick only fan, but when I need to dress it up a bit, I'll always go for lip gloss. 
eye liner or mascara? Definitely mascara
foundation or concealer? I would go with concealer. I can use it all over if needed!
neutral or color eye shadow? Definitely neutral! I don
t own any eye shadows that arent neutral.
pressed or loose eye shadows? I like both, but I have to go with pressed just because they are less messy to work with. 
brushes or sponges? Brushes!

OPI or China Glaze? I
m a die hard OPI girl!
long or short? Probably short, just because I don't like the look of super long nails. I feel like they look more clean and polished when they are on the shorter side. 
acrylic or natural? Definitely natural, I'm not a fan of acrylic nails. 
brights or darks? It depends on the season. Right now, I
m totally into bright nails, but once the Fall comes Ill go darker.
flower or no flower? I don
t do nail art, so definitely no flower. 


perfume or body splash? Perfume. I only put it on in the mornings before work and thats it. Nothing overpowering 
lotion or body butter? I love both, but I use lotion more!
body wash or soap? Always body wash
Lush or other bath company? I
ve never tried Lush I know its sad!

jeans or
sweat pants? Always jeans, no sweats unless Im sick
long sleeve or short? Easy, I live in TX, always short sleeves.
dresses or skirts? Dresses, I feel like skirts make me look shorter.
stripes or plaid? Stripes!
flip flops or sandals? Don't make me choose! I
m the biggest flip flops fan ever, but also love to dress it up a little with some cute sandals.
scarves or hats? I love scarves! I'm just not a hat person.
studs or dangly earrings?  Here
s the crazy thing about me, my ears are pierced 3x in each ear, & I never wear earrings. I dont know why, just dont.
necklaces or bracelets? I love both, but I wear necklaces on a daily basis.
heels or flats? Both depending on the occasion. Usually flats until dress up time comes around!
boots or riding boots? Definitely cowboy boots. I love my cowboy boots!
jacket or hoodie? Jacket. Hoodies remind me of high school & that was a super long time ago.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever 21, although I don
t shop too often at either.
Abercombie or Hollister? Neither! Those clothes are too small and way too expensive for what they are.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom? Nordstrom always Nordstrom!

curly or straight? I
m almost always with straight hair, but I do love a good beachy wave from time to time.
bun or ponytail? Bun!
bobby pins or butterfly clips? Do they still make butterfly clips?! Definitely bobby pins for me.
hair spray or gel? Hair spray!
long or short? I hate short hair on me, so definitely long always!
light or dark? I
m a huge highlighting fan and love rocking the blonde!
side swept bangs or full bangs? I don't have either, but if I were to get some it would be side swept. 
up or down? Almost always down unless I
m lazy or at the gym.

rain or shine? Shine, hence why I live in Austin!
summer or winter? Always summer (see why with the last answer!)
fall or spring? Fall
chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
east coast or west coast? East! I
m a NY girl at heart. Most of my family still lives there & I love visiting as often as possible!

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