Huge Fashion Find!

September 9, 2013

Let me preface this post by saying I HATE skinny jeans. I know I know, but they have never looked good on me & they make me feel like I'm going to bust out of them at any time in the near future. Plus I'm short (5'4") & they are always too long and the tight ass bottoms get caught on my feet... let's just say it ain't pretty!
Here's the thing though... I just bought these amazingly adorable riding boots...
Guess Hertlez Riding Boots
OMG so adorable & affordable!!

And now I have to get skinny jeans to fit in them... dilemma central for me!
Until I found these...

I put them on 1 size up & they fit like a glove! They are super soft, stretchy, etc. I cannot describe how amazing they were. The Hubs was waiting outside the dressing room & when I came out in them he said they looked amazing!! AMAZING!! Hallelujah!!

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