Transitioning into Autumn

September 4, 2013


With summer soon coming to an end (insert sad face here), I feel like my house needs a change. Nothing huge but just something to bring it to the Fall. The colors, smells, etc that make you think of hot chocolate, leaves falling, football season starting, & my favorite... sweaters and boots!

One way I have found to change the feeling of the house is to replace my Renuzit air fresheners. I got mine at Walmart, but they're also available at Target & Kroger. I keep them all over the house to keep every room smelling great. Especially the bathrooms & my daughter's room! She loves when I change out the freshener in her room because she says she feels like she's in a whole other place. It's amazing what a little change in the air can do.

After changing out the fragrance in our guest bathroom, it gave me the idea to redecorate the room to go along with the awesome Fall fragrance. I removed all the brightly colored Summery towels & decorations, then added some red decorations. It made the overall feel of the room match perfectly to what you smell when you first walk in. Definitely an upgrade from what we had all summer long! 
The new scents I got were Autumn Woods for the entry way & Bella's room, Pumpkin Latte for the kitchen, & an old faithful I've loved for a while, Pure Breeze for the downstairs guest bathroom. (It really makes the bathroom smell so clean for guests!)

If fit perfectly on the mantle! Looks great and makes the room smell so much better!
Renuzit has also started a program called Scent Gents on Facebook that I love!  


  1. I have always liked the way these smell :)

  2. I love these Renuzit air fresheners! They are perfect for fall scents.

  3. These are so FUN! I love that you can so easily change them out to change the feel of a room!


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