The Good Stuff

September 13, 2013

I love blogging about makeup, hair, and things I love, but rarely do I post anything about myself, so today I want to share the good stuff...

1) Next week The Hubs and I will be celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss. We've been together for almost 14 years now, which seems like a lifetime. And trust me it hasn't all been bliss, but we're still crazy about each other & happy. That's all a girl can ask for.

2) I have a job that I actually like going to. I have crazy weird hours I work, but I work with good people & don't dread going into work every morning.

3) I have an adorable 6 year old little girl that amazes me every single day how smart she is. She says things that blow my mind & make me laugh at the same time. She starting to ask the hard questions & I only hope that I have the right answers for her. 

4) Friends. I have the most amazing groups of friends anyone could ask for. My friends I've had since high school & college. The neighbors that quickly became amazing friends that I love hanging with every weekend, even friends I don't get to see or talk to often. I'm blessed to have them all in my lives.

5) Most of all... Family. From my husband and daughter, to my brother sister & amazing dad, to my awesome inlaws. I am family to the most amazing people I've ever met. All of them including my niece & nephew, mean so much to me it's unreal. 

What's the good stuff in your life?

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