Weekend Wrap Up

September 16, 2013

It was a sad weekend here in Texas. All of our beloved teams lost their games this weekend. None so bad as the Texas Longhorns. It pains me to talk about it, but after being ahead at 1/2 time and loosing BADLY, we are at a loss of how this team is going to end up this year. But I digress...
Our weekend was pretty low key and quiet. I had to work at the butt crack of dawn (technically before dawn) so Friday night Eric brought dinner home & we watched tv. Yeah exciting stuff here!
After I got off work Saturday, we went to my neice's 1st birthday party! Olivia had so much fun, got her 1st smash cake, watched as her parents opened her gift while she played with the paper. (Exactly how Bella was her 1st birthday!) and had a grand ole' time!

Olivia & her Momma after getting washed up!
Bella was most excited for the cupcakes!

Overall a wonderful fun birthday party! Bella had kids night out at the YMCA Saturday night, so we met up with friends for dinner & to watch the Horns game. It was so much fun until the 2nd half. But we shall not discuss that anymore...

Sunday I somehow managed to get myself to the gym while Eric took Bella swimming. Have you ever worked out on a Sunday morning after indulging in beer, queso, & macaroni and cheese?! Yeah that was one of the toughest workouts EVER for me. I was dying after 2 miles on the bike & weights. Note to self: Pass on the extra beer if wanting to work out tomorrow!

Sunday night I decided to make my favorite soup. My Momma's Sausage & Mushroom Soup. It was so amazing the The Hubs and I brought the leftovers for lunch today!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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