Christmas Gift Ideas

November 13, 2013

As Bella gets older the gifts to get her get more and more hard to find. She's not into Barbie's, dolls, etc. more into bikes, basketball, and apparently wants to try her hand at football in the Spring. Yeah I really had a tomboy (a girl after my own heart!) so finding the perfect Christmas gifts is a little tough. Here's 3 things I think she might be getting... hopefully!
New Bike
The bike she rides now is a wee bit small for her. She learned how to ride without training wheels (in 1 day I might add!) and now she absolutely loves to ride her bike. It definitely time for a new one!

She loves loves loves this movie, and when she sees it in her stocking Christmas morning she is going to be so excited!

She saw this on TV & said she just had to have it. Shocking since she lives on her IPad now. I can only imagine what would happen if she got this as well...

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