Hi Di Ho Neighbor

November 19, 2013

I want to take the day off from talking about makeup & hair products and talk about the importance of awesome neighbors. We've always been very stick to ourselves type people when it came to meeting and talking to our neighbors. Sure we'd wave as they drove past, maybe talk about the weather once in a while, but never really tried to be friends with any... until we moved in to our neighborhood now.
See we moved in over 4 years ago before any of our said neighbors actually lived there. The old cat lady next door to us once said when she was moving out that she only hopes we're nicer to the new neighbors than we ever were to her... haha! I died laughing & told her no worries, we will be! When the new neighbors moved in & their son was in Bella's kinder class, it was like something just clicked and we started getting to know them. Then we found out another kid in her class lived across the street from us & they quickly became friends too. Now there is 6 families that spend pretty much every Friday and Saturday night sitting out front, drinking beers, & letting the kids wear themselves out.
These girls are there for me no matter what and vice versa. Sick kids, new babies, surgeries, vacations, etc. they will bring you food, watch your kids, anything to help out when needed!

They are a blast to hang out with, always laughing & never a dull moment.

And I might say we have the cutest kids ever! They all get along great & love spending every waking minute running around chasing each other. Makes for the best time!

We've looked at moving over the years, but always decide against it because of all of our neighbors. KJo & Josh, Kellie Kellie & Peter, Sarah & Derek, Melissa (still a neighbor just further away!), KFlo & Dez, and Tasha & Parker (PVille neighbors!) they are all amazing and we are blessed to live so close to them!

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