Weekend Wrap Up

November 18, 2013

This weekend was a lot of fun & family time. Friday Bella had a field trip with her class & thank goodness Sarah was there & could take this amazing picture of our kids being their normal selves...

Oh yeah that's Bella & Tanner at their finest! It was pretty chilly that day so they got into their best sweats for a picnic.  The chilly weather did not last as it was in the high 80's all weekend... mid November is no where in sight...

Friday night Grandma & Grandpa took Bella to her school science fair & she was in Heaven. She loved every bit of it & looked like the perfect scientist.
She came home Saturday morning telling us all about it!

Saturday night we had all the neighbors over to watch the sham that is the UFC. I'll be completely honest, I was rooting for GSP, but I don't think he won by a long shot & apparently neither does the president of the UFC... good time to retire I say!

Sunday we cleaned, Eric fixed our insane freezer that decided it wasn't going to make ice anymore. Only took him all afternoon, but when we woke up this morning alas there was glorius ice in our water. Hallelujah!
Oh and we made home made pizza last night...

Yeah that's my beautifully cleaned daughter begging her Dad for pepperoni. Because who needs some on their pizza when their mouth is this close already?!

Happy Monday!


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