Winter Must Haves

November 14, 2013

I saw this on Lauren Elizabeth blog this morning and thought it was a great idea. Now she lives in Chicago which is obviously much much colder than Austin any day, but since we woke up to freezing weather today (technically it was 34 degrees this morning! Saturday it's gonna be in the 80's again...) I thought it was the absolute perfect time to post my winter must haves.
Good Gloves - I like the kind that you can use with your IPhone and not kill yourself trying to get them on and off the whole time. These seem perfect for that.
Boots - You can't go wrong with a good warm pair of cute boots. Of course I love me some Uggs even if The Hubs says they are uglier than sin. 
Chapstick - I live on this stuff 24/7 no matter what season, but in the winter I have multiple in my handbag, at my desk, at home, etc. I can't live without it. 
Lotion - Oh there is only 1 lotion I use in the Fall/Winter and that's Gold Bond. It's thick, smells great, and lasts forever. Definitely my go to for any and all lotion.
Beanie - I think they are called different things in different parts of the US, but here we call them beanies. And they have to be cute & super warm and comfy for me to wear them!

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