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December 31, 2013


My Favorites: NYC

December 30, 2013

Are y'all getting sick of these yet?! I hope not, cause they're actually pretty fun for me to post. But then again I'm a makeup nerd and love almost all posts/videos to do with makeup favorites! Today I'm going to talk about NYC makeup. Kinda like Almay, I'm not a huge fan. I know they have really good prices & there's one cult favorite I love, but other than that I haven't really dug into this brand much. So here goes nothing...

Sunny Bronzer is the absolute cult favorite among bloggers and Youtubers & I can see why. 1st off its $3 & 2nd it actually is a matte bronzer. Say what?! Yeah you know for the days you want to contour and not look like a fake tan hit the sides of your face. This one is perfect.
I also have the HD Trio Eyeshadow in Long Beach Sands. The colors are beautiful, the color payoff is a little light, but it works well and stays all day.
The last one I have (and yes I know there's only 3, but that's all I got for this brand) is the Liquid Eyeliner. I haven't tried this, mainly because there's not a brown version, but I have heard really really good things about this eyeliner especially for doing cat eyes.
I did notice that everything I posted about was $3! You really can't beat the price, so I think I'll have to go and try more from this brand very soon!

My Favorites: Almay

December 27, 2013

Okay let's just be honest, it's the Friday after Christmas. I am sitting in my house relaxing and doing absolutely nothing but watching movies all day while The Hubs is at work & Bella's at the ymca. Glorious!!
Let's also be completely honest, I'm not a huge Almay fan. I have one thing I must buy over and over again but wish it was waterproof because I love the color but hate that it's 1/2 way gone by mid day. But I'm gonna try my best and find a few Almay products that I've either tried and loved or would love to try... Bear with me people!
Okay my absolute favorite eyeliner in the world, (maybe overstepping a bit) is the Intense I-Color Liquid Liner in Brown Topaz. Now if you look at the packaging it says its for blue eyes. I say bs because I have very green eyes & it looks amazing on them! I'm sure it brings the blue out in blue eyed ladies, but since I'm not that lucky, I'll just say it's perfect for mine.
Another eye product I like is the Intense I-Color Shimmer I-Kit in shimmer trio for greens. Yes Greens! Hallelujah! It's actually really beautiful colors and looks great on my eyes. 
This I have not tried, but have heard numerous good things about. Smart Shade Makeup will blend in to match your skin tone. I think it's definitely a light foundation which is perfect for the upcoming beach vacays in my near future! 
Last thing I'd like to try is the Get Up & Grow Mascara. One coat helps reduce breakage & strengthen your lashes?! Count me in!! 

Just Wanted to Say...

December 24, 2013


My Favorites: Revlon

December 23, 2013

This will be my last post before Christmas, so I had to end on a high note. My absolute favorite drugstore brand... Revlon. I literally live on Revlon makeup. It's the 1st place I go when I'm looking for something new. It's the foundation I have bought 3x in a row now because I can't get enough of it.

I had to start with said foundation. I can't say enough about Colorstay Whipped Makeup. It goes on magically & lasts until I wash it off at the end of the day. It covers everything, makes my skin look flawless, I could go on and on. I'm obsessed with this makeup & will keep using it until they pull the bottle from my cold dead hands. (Very Christmasy I must say!)
Revlon Colorstay Shadow Quad is amazeballs. It has some of the best color payout in drugstore eyeshadows & really does last all day. My favorite quad is addictive. And yes, yes it is addictive! 
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm is my absolute favorite chubby (hate that word!) and it works wonderfully. They came out with new matte & sparkly shades that I have yet to try, but my favorite color by far is Cherish. Perfect nude color & lasts forever.
The Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen is among my favorite eyeliners. It works wonders for the perfect cat eye & as with everything I've mentioned in this posts lasts all day.  
Last and definitely not least is the Colorstay Pressed Powder. It's a matte powder & keeps the oils at bay throughout the day. Love love love this powder.  

My Favorites: Covergirl

December 20, 2013

Next up is Covergirl. I remember using Covergirl when I was in high school. Back then it was all about their powders. Now to me it's all about their mascaras. They have the best drugstore mascaras I can find. Along with some other amazing products thrown in, this post will probably be mostly mascaras!
1st up is my absolute favorite mascara... Lashblast 24 Hour. The brush is big & thick and the formula isn't at all watery, it goes on and stays without any flaking throughout the day. Takes an army to take it off, but well worth the trouble!
Another favorite is the Clump Crusher. When I first picked it up I hated the brush, but after trying it out, I ended up loving how it seperates and makes your lashes much longer than without. It's not a volumizing mascara at all, but it is lengthening & keeps them from clumping like a champ!
Bombshell Felt Tip Eyeliner is a great starting eyeliner for anyone trying to get the cat eye. The felt tip makes it easier to apply without smearing & it lasts all day long. Perfect for the holiday season & all those parties you have coming up!
The last thing that's my favorite is the Simply Ageless Concealer. It's the absolute best thing for dark circles under eyes. I love that it has Olay in it which makes it not cake up & moisturizing.  

My Favorites: Loreal

December 19, 2013

Next up on my drugstore favorites per brand is Loreal. They have amazing products that last all day & keep me going back to HEB to see what new things they have come up with.
My favorite eyeshadow from their line is Infallible 24 HR. I have the color bronze taupe & it's beautiful! Great color payout, perfect neutral yet glittery shade that goes well with almost any eyeshadow you can think of!
My favorite foundation especially in the summer is Loreal True Match Lumi. It's definitely a lighter foundation but really brings out your natural beauty & makes your skin look flawless. It's perfect when you want something light but yet still amazing!
I'm not a lipstick girl, but I do love me a good balm. Something that won't dry out my lips, and has a little bit of color in it. The Colour Riche Balm is perfect for that!  It goes on smoothly & lasts for a while but keeps my lips moisturized in the process.
This obviously isn't makeup, but it's an awesome makeup remover. Youth Code Foaming Gel Cleanser is perfect for removing all your makeup & exfoliates gently. The thing I like best about it is it's oil free. 

Christmastime is Upon Us

December 18, 2013

This past Sunday (note that the date would have been Dec. 15th!) we finally got to putting our Christmas lights up. And by we I mean Eric while I slept all day on the couch gloriously happy that I had a full day to watch football inbetween naps on the couch.
I asked Eric why we are even putting up lights seeing as there's only 1 1/2 weeks left before Christmas but he stated that since we keep them on until Jan. 1st, we actually have an extra week of lights, to which I said fine and went back to my naps.
So next week is Christmas and with that means this girl is going to be up all Friday night/Saturday morning wrapping presents and making them look amazing under the tree. Can't wait till Christmas Eve people!

My Favorites: Maybelline

December 17, 2013

I thought it might be a good idea to tell you a few of my favorites in each drugstore brand I use. 1st up is Maybelline.

I have to start off with everyone's favorite... the color tattoos. They go on smoothly have great color payout & last all day. The only downfall I have with them is they seem to make it harder for me to put my eyeliner on with them, but maybe it's because I'm always running late & try to put it on right after.
Another cult favorite is the Dream Lumi concealer. Amazing for under the eyes to hide the dark circles & brighten all day. That way if you've been out most of the night and need to be up early for work, you don't look like you've been hit by a bus.
A favorite blush of mine that I use almost daily is the Dream Bouncy blush. It lasts all day and usually I actually like making it a base for another blush because it does go on light. But it blends perfectly! My color I get is fresh pink.
My last one is perfect for the holidays! Color Show Nail Laquer has some adorable colors & goes on like perfection. I love the color pretty in polka!

You Will Be Missed

December 16, 2013

We've been hearing rumors for almost a week now that Mack was going to step down. It's heartbreaking that he's leaving the Longhorns after 16 years coaching them. He took us to 2 national championship games, one us our 1st national championship in 35 years, and coached numerous players to the NFL.
We will miss you Mack Brown, thank you for putting your heart and soul into Texas and making us one of the best college football teams in the nation. The new coach, whomever he may be, has big shoes to fill & you will forever be loved in Austin!

Perfect Christmas Present Idea

December 10, 2013


I'm one who always loves to find a special gift for each person on my list at Christmas time. I love giving things they can use all year long, candles, fragrance, decorations for their homes, etc. Just the spirit of giving is what the holidays are really for. The best gift can be something they never even thought of. One thing I found that I thought would be perfect is the Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume set. I thought this would be perfect for one of my friends & I am sure I'm right!
 I searched high and low and found it and more ideal gifts for the holidays! And the price was fabulous!

Taylor Swift's new fragrance smells magical & in the gift set there's also the lotion, bath gel, & a celebrity voice ringtone! And we LOVE Taylor Swift, so it's absolutely perfect!!
Another helpful site to get ideas for Christmas is the Holiday eGuide which is available at Walmart. It has Wonderstruck Enchanted as well as other awesome holiday gifting ideas to make your holiday shopping so much easier & has some secret savings!! Great way to get some #ScentSavings!
I was so excited to get home and wrap the present & put under the tree! Bella asked if she could place it underneath & it looked perfect once it was all done. 
All wrapped up & ready for Christmas! #shop

Blog Birthday

December 9, 2013

Holy Moly, how has it been 6 years?! 

6 years ago I was 26, Bella was about to turn 2 (I miss her being 2!), we were living in the house we lived in before our forever home, & the Hubs and I were about to celebrate 8 years together. 

Wow how a lot has changed. And yet, I am still excited to blog almost every day, I'm excited to let you know about the best makeup, hair, & clothing products out there; and even more excited to update you on how we're doing and how Bella is growing leaps and bounds. I love doing reviews and being honest about what I love and the ones that are not so awesome. And I love that you are still reading this "little blog that could", thank you so much for that. 

So thank you for 6 amazingly wonderful years. I wouldn't still be here without my readers. And I hope to keep this going for at least another 6 years... can't wait to see where we'll be by then! (Just to say, Bella will be becoming a TEENAGER by then... Lord help me!)

Dallas Peeps!!

December 4, 2013


For all my Dallas peeps that I love, if you have time Saturday go to Southlake & shop for a cause! I love Ashley at The Shine Project & she will be there selling her adorable bracelets for an amazing cause! I wish I was back in town, but please go and shop for me! Ha!  

Newfound Love

December 3, 2013

I'm extremely late on this bandwagon but I rarely get to Ulta anymore. I went last week & fell in love with all things NYX Cosmetics. I bought the setting spray matte & their lip gloss and love both! 

Next up I want to try their blush & pore filler. They have great makeup and a low cost, so it looks like I'll be heading back to Ulta very very soon!


Good to be Home

December 2, 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving with my family in Dallas. I got to spend the day with my whole family who I haven't seen all in 1 room in months. It was awesome catching up, having some wine, & watching the Horns beat the crap out of Tech. (Which also put us back in the top 25!!)
Bella was so sweet all weekend & when we got back to Austin was surprised with her very own Elf on the Shelf that Santa sent for her! She named him Slippy! So adorable!

I also went to my high school reunion which was fun! A bunch of us girls met up before hand & got to catch up before the shindig started, & it was so great to see everyone again!

I will say it's good to be home though. Back in my bed & back to our normal routine. Although 4:30 a.m. alarm this morning about killed me!
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