My Favorites: Almay

December 27, 2013

Okay let's just be honest, it's the Friday after Christmas. I am sitting in my house relaxing and doing absolutely nothing but watching movies all day while The Hubs is at work & Bella's at the ymca. Glorious!!
Let's also be completely honest, I'm not a huge Almay fan. I have one thing I must buy over and over again but wish it was waterproof because I love the color but hate that it's 1/2 way gone by mid day. But I'm gonna try my best and find a few Almay products that I've either tried and loved or would love to try... Bear with me people!
Okay my absolute favorite eyeliner in the world, (maybe overstepping a bit) is the Intense I-Color Liquid Liner in Brown Topaz. Now if you look at the packaging it says its for blue eyes. I say bs because I have very green eyes & it looks amazing on them! I'm sure it brings the blue out in blue eyed ladies, but since I'm not that lucky, I'll just say it's perfect for mine.
Another eye product I like is the Intense I-Color Shimmer I-Kit in shimmer trio for greens. Yes Greens! Hallelujah! It's actually really beautiful colors and looks great on my eyes. 
This I have not tried, but have heard numerous good things about. Smart Shade Makeup will blend in to match your skin tone. I think it's definitely a light foundation which is perfect for the upcoming beach vacays in my near future! 
Last thing I'd like to try is the Get Up & Grow Mascara. One coat helps reduce breakage & strengthen your lashes?! Count me in!! 

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