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December 30, 2013

Are y'all getting sick of these yet?! I hope not, cause they're actually pretty fun for me to post. But then again I'm a makeup nerd and love almost all posts/videos to do with makeup favorites! Today I'm going to talk about NYC makeup. Kinda like Almay, I'm not a huge fan. I know they have really good prices & there's one cult favorite I love, but other than that I haven't really dug into this brand much. So here goes nothing...

Sunny Bronzer is the absolute cult favorite among bloggers and Youtubers & I can see why. 1st off its $3 & 2nd it actually is a matte bronzer. Say what?! Yeah you know for the days you want to contour and not look like a fake tan hit the sides of your face. This one is perfect.
I also have the HD Trio Eyeshadow in Long Beach Sands. The colors are beautiful, the color payoff is a little light, but it works well and stays all day.
The last one I have (and yes I know there's only 3, but that's all I got for this brand) is the Liquid Eyeliner. I haven't tried this, mainly because there's not a brown version, but I have heard really really good things about this eyeliner especially for doing cat eyes.
I did notice that everything I posted about was $3! You really can't beat the price, so I think I'll have to go and try more from this brand very soon!

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