Perfect Christmas Present Idea

December 10, 2013


I'm one who always loves to find a special gift for each person on my list at Christmas time. I love giving things they can use all year long, candles, fragrance, decorations for their homes, etc. Just the spirit of giving is what the holidays are really for. The best gift can be something they never even thought of. One thing I found that I thought would be perfect is the Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume set. I thought this would be perfect for one of my friends & I am sure I'm right!
 I searched high and low and found it and more ideal gifts for the holidays! And the price was fabulous!

Taylor Swift's new fragrance smells magical & in the gift set there's also the lotion, bath gel, & a celebrity voice ringtone! And we LOVE Taylor Swift, so it's absolutely perfect!!
Another helpful site to get ideas for Christmas is the Holiday eGuide which is available at Walmart. It has Wonderstruck Enchanted as well as other awesome holiday gifting ideas to make your holiday shopping so much easier & has some secret savings!! Great way to get some #ScentSavings!
I was so excited to get home and wrap the present & put under the tree! Bella asked if she could place it underneath & it looked perfect once it was all done. 
All wrapped up & ready for Christmas! #shop

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  1. I love how you could layer each of the products in the gift set to make the fragrance stay on longer! #client


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