Love It / Kill Me Type of Relationship

January 23, 2014

Nope that's definitely not me in that pic, but I do love me some working out. Thanks to my vacays coming up, especially lying with one of my besties at a pool in Vegas, kinda makes me want to work my ass off daily so those pretty little bikinis will look good on me by then.

But it's like I have this love it yet kill me type of relationship with working out. I work out in some form or fashion around 4-5 times a week. Usually for 45 min to an hour each time. On my way to the gym, street for a run, etc. I am all hyped up and excited to work out. During the work out I'm loving myself and how far I can totally push myself & afterwards I feel awesome for what I accomplished that day. (Even if it was a 2 mile run)

What I hate is those hours after the gym. You know after you take your shower, get all comfy in your pj's, and then the soreness & pain sets in. Yeah I stretch like a mad woman after every workout & drink the after workout drink crap to help, but I still am in pain. I now have a messed up wrist from weights that I'll be seeing the doctor about tomorrow, but more than that the absolute soreness and pain from shin splints & other body parts that like to remind me I'm not 22 anymore.

When I was a gymnast I used to be able to workout for like 2 hours go home and be ready to party that night if need be. (And in high school it ALWAYS needed to be!)

I guess what I'm rambling about is that eventhough I hate being in pain, The Hubs kinda gets sick of me complaining about shin splints, hurt wrists, sore lower back, etc. I still get my lazy ass up and make it to the gym, or run, or do yoga & a ton of crunches, push ups, etc. almost daily. My hope is that all this pays off in the end and that sweet little black bikini from VS I plan on getting looks awesome on me by this summer.

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