My New TV Show Obsession

January 6, 2014

Can I just say that I watch way too much tv?! Seriously, if it's not a favorite show (and I have many of those!) then it's the History Channel & Travel Channel all day long when I'm home. It's pathetic & isn't going to get better now that I've been introduced to Reign.

Yes, it's a CW TV show (just like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, & Hart of Dixie... all I am infatuated with!) It's about Queen Mary of Scots & Prince Francis of France and they're engagement since they were 6 years old. The costumes are amazing, the characters are insanely good, & the plot makes me want to watch every single show in 1 sitting. It's that good.

I have to give it to Amanda for telling me about this show. I thought why not watch and see if I like it?! And yep now I'm hooked!! The mid season starts back at the end of January so I'm trying to play catch up with all the shows until then!

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