January 28, 2014

So I got a coupon in the mail for a buy one get one free on Fresh Effects by Olay. I got 2 products & here's my thoughts...

Bead Me Up exfoliating cleanser...

I absolute adore this product! It smells amazing and has soft beads to help exfoliate your dead skin cells while cleaning your face. It's not coarse at all & I have pretty sensitive skin & it hasn't caused any irritation at all after 2 weeks use! LOVE!!

Long Live Moisture Satin Finish...

I like this product. It smells great, isn't greasy at all, and does have a satin finish to it. I am disappointed because it doesn't have any SPF in it. That's the only thing I wish I could change about this product. It soaks in pretty quickly and I wear at night & under my primer and makeup during the day.

Overall I really love both products and can't wait to try some of the others especially the BB Cream!


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