Weekend Wrap Up

January 21, 2014

Sorry for the super late post today and absolutely no post yesterday, but this mama is exhausted & overwhelmed with football & birthday party planning this week...
Here's the wrap up on our 3 day weekend at Casa Munoz...
Bella went to a birthday party Saturday after football practice Friday night & Saturday morning I might add... they had someone come paint faces & make balloon animals. Bella actually chose Hello Kitty... color me surprised! We let her go like this to Party City & Target to get stuff for her upcoming party. She was so excited to get a #7 candle for her cake!

Sunday afternoon was her 2nd football game. All of Eric's family got to come again this weekend and see her play and cheer her on. They are all so wonderful and we're so lucky to have them so close!

The Chargers won 34-0!
Yeah to say we have a good team is kinda like saying wine is kinda good after a long hard day.
They've won both games so far by a pretty big margin.
Oh also Bella is the only girl on the team league. We're pretty proud of her!

Monday The Hubs had to work, so Bella & I went to the gym then she played with her friends outside all afternoon in the 80 degree sun! Amazing for January! 

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