Work Out Wednesday

February 26, 2014

Okay today was my official weekly weigh in and I've lost 10 lbs overall! And being the shorty that I am, I can already tell in my shirts and jeans! Score!!! It honestly makes me feel so much better to see the scale going down because for the 1st month of my eating right and exercising it didn't change a bit. Not a pound came off & I felt like a looser. How can I work so hard and not change an ounce?! So for these last few weeks to actually see some progress is amazing!
I still have a ways to go, so here's some of my motivation to keep going!
The Hubs reminds me of this often especially during my time I was super frustrated. I kept waiting for something big to happen, for me to step on the scale and have lost 10 lbs in a week. Not gonna happen ever. It's little by little pound by pound that gets you to your goal. Always keep that in mind. It really did help me get through it easier.

I've read this a lot before and I'm not sure how truthful this actually is, but after 4 weeks I'm starting to see my body change. I don't know how long until other people notice and honestly I don't care. I'm not doing this for anyone but myself. Actually myself and Bella. I want her to see what hard work & being healthy does. I hope she can look up to me and ask me for help when she needs it.
Overall I'm excited at where I'm at and can't wait to see how much more I loose (and how fit I can get!)

Girl's Can

February 24, 2014

My daughter got her 1st taste of sexism yesterday at the tender age of 7. See my daughter is playing in a flag football league this season with some of her friends. She's pretty much the only girl on the entire league at her age. Doesn't bother her one bit, but I'm sure it's a little weird for the boys to see a girl on their team. 

Yesterday though the boys on the other team actually said out loud in front of her that they didn't want to play against a girl. Their coach told them that they might want to rethink that if she gets their flags. Well, she actually ended up getting 2 flags during the game! Their coach said "See! A girl got your flags!" Bella just smiled and kept playing like she never heard one thing those boys said!

Now I've always been proud of my Bella Belle, but this weekend I was immensely proud of her & not listening or taking to heart what those boys were saying. Her team has always welcomed her & she plays her heart out every game. I hate that she has to hear it at such an early age, but we keep telling her girls can do whatever boys can do! And she now knows it!

We saw this commercial last night on TV and I applaud Covergirl for showing everyone that GIRL'S CAN!!


February 21, 2014

I love Tags and saw this one on Youtube. Now I'm not a youtuber so I thought I'd answer them here for ya instead... all about me.

1: What are you wearing? Silver jeans, Mossimo brown tshirt, & my favorite cowboy boots

2: Ever been in love? Definitely!

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes way back when.

4: How tall are you?  Short I'm 5' 4"

5: How much do you weigh? Haha nope

6: Any tattoos? Not yet although I've been dying to get one if I could just get the nerve up!

7: Any piercings? Yes, my ears are pierced 3x & my navel was pierced before but I let it close.

8: OTP? I had to look the meaning of this one up, but for me it's Elena & Stefan

9: Favorite show? TVD, PLL, & Scandal

10: Favorite bands? Eli Young Band & Randy Rogers Band

11: Something you miss? My Momma

12: Favorite song? As of right now, probably Say Something by Great big World

13: How old are you? 32!

14: Zodiac sign? I am a Leo

15: Quality you look for in a partner? There's so many, they have to make me laugh, but also be sweet when needed!
16: Favorite Quote? "There's a feeling you get the closer you get to Austin, Texas" - Willie Nelson

17: Favorite actor? Ryan Reynolds

18: Favorite color? Pink

19: Loud music or soft? Loud always loud!

20: Where do you go when you're sad? To the gym. I get my frustrations out there better than anywhere!

21: How long does it take you to shower? Gosh 15- 20 minutes maybe?!

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I shower at night, so it only takes me around 30 or so minutes.

23: Ever been in a physical fight? Yup, back in high school haha!

24: Turn on? A guy that knows he's sexy but not overly.

25: Turn off? A guy who flakes out all the time on plans.

26: The reason I joined Youtube? Haha oops...

27: Fears?  Dying before Bella gets married and has kids.

28: Last thing that made you cry? Damn Olympic stories!

29: Last time you said you loved someone? This morning :)

30: Meaning behind your Youtube Name? Blah

31: Last book you read? I'm reading Divergent before the movie comes out.

32: The book you're currently reading? See above! (I obviously didn't read these through before I did this!)

33: Last show you watched? PLL last night!

34: Last person you talked to? Someone at work probably

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? The Hubs :)

36: Favorite food? Sushi!!

37: Place you want to visit? Italy one day

38: Last place you were? Vacation wise? S. Padre Island

39: Do you have a crush? Nope

40: Last time you kissed someone? This morning

41: Last time you were insulted? Geez usually daily. Eh I never let it bother me though.

42: Favorite flavour of sweet? Chocolate

43: What instruments do you play?? None what so ever...

44: Favorite piece of jewellery? My engagement ring :)

45: Last sport you played? I played basketball a few nights ago.

46: Last song you sang? I have no idea I sing in my car all the time!

47: Favorite chat up line? Idk what this means... I'm old people!

48: Have you ever used it? See above

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Other than my family, hmmm girls night out a few weeks ago?

50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone reading this!

I'm in Love!

February 20, 2014

With a face wash that is!
So look after the holdiays, my skin freaked out on me & started breaking out like crazy. I've always been lucky enough to maybe get 1 breakout a month right when my hormones get out of whack. But never never have I ever (ha that used to be a game we'd play in high school!) have I had my face break out multiple times at once. I was literally freaking out and running to the drugstore to see what would work.
Then this little beauty appeared on the shelf at CVS & I thankfully grabbed it up.
Oh you've heard of it before?!
Yeah me too & it works!

My face is completely clear and feels amazing after every use.
I use it every morning when I wake up and at night before bed after taking my makeup off.
It's a life saver this pretty bottle I tell ya!

Work Out Wednesday

February 19, 2014

It's time for another work out Wednesday! This is starting as a weekly way for me to stay positive after and during loosing weight, getting healthy, & staying that way.
So this week I am focusing on motivation.
No matter if you're just starting out on your weight loss journey, hit all your goals (wish!), or just need a little motivation to get through the rest of the week. I'm here to help!
This is a HUGE one for me. I look at all the beautiful thin girls in their mid-20's and wish I was back there sometimes. I was insanely thin & fit in my teens and twenties. I could eat whatever I craved and never gain a pound. Then I had Bella at 25, and was able to loose all of the baby weight within 6 months after having her. (I gained 35 lbs during the pregnancy). Then my 30's hit & boom the weight came on and stayed around.
There's days when I look in the mirror and are disgusted with my body. At least the bottom 1/2. There's days when I look and think wow this is actually working for me. All depends on my mood, water weight, etc. but I always think I could definitely loose more. Myself is my biggest competition.

I love this quote. Mainly because I am not an emotional eater except when it comes to boredom. If I'm home relaxing and not even hungry, I start to munch. I might not munch on "bad foods" (i.e. chips, queso, popcorn), but I still munch.
On the flip side, when I'm really pissed off or upset, I always get to the gym. I get that aggravation out or blast my headphones and get that horrible sad feeling out. It really does work and once I'm done, I'm done. Same goes for running. Being out there by yourself for 30 or so minutes really helps clear your mind.

Last one for today is perfect for everyone that wants to slack off or eat that doughnut that someone brought to the office. (Or in my case breakfast tacos! They're my weakness!)
It ain't easy, not in the least. It's damn hard, it sucks, it's the toughest thing you can challenge yourself to do, but in the end it is absolutely worth it!
I keep thinking about wearing that swimsuit on the beaches & going to Vegas this Fall, I want to look good and I want to be happy with myself before any of those happen.
Stick to it, the hard work, the tears, the blood, the sweat, the pain, they will ALL be worth it in the end.


February 17, 2014


If you watch any of the beauty guru's on Youtube (I'm crazy about some of those girls! Watch all their video's!) then you have probably heard about the new Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. It's supposed to erase your pores and make you look like you have baby skin, (duh the name!)
I bought this a few weeks ago and have been using it every day since. And I must say, I'm freakin obsessed with it. Now it doesn't erase my pores but it blurs & minimizes them the instant I put it on. I use just a dab on my whole face, so even though the tube is small, you don't need to use much at all. Also, and the best thing about it for me, is it keeps oil at bay. I am a T-Zoner & hate that 1/2 way through the day I feel the need to apply powder to stop the shine. I haven't needed to do that once since using this product!
I love a lot of Maybelline products, but this by far is my favorite. Hallelujah!!

Gotta Love Love Day

February 14, 2014

So yeah The Hubs and I (as stated before) don't really celebrate Valentine's Day that much. Mainly just a bottle of wine and some quiet time together. That doesn't mean a girl can't dream though! Here's my favorite ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.

Perfume - Every girl loves some type of perfume. My favorite right now is Juicy Couture. When I think of a perfect fragrance for love day this one pops into my mind. It's more of a sexy smell than fruity. And I love it.
Makeup - This is a hard one for guys to buy girls, but one way to wow her & pretty much know she'll love it is with the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. The Naked 3 Palette is perfect for Valentine's Day because the colors are more romantic and on the blush side.
Chocolates - I feel like this is a duh statement. Chocolate & flowers so typical to get a girl on the 14th of February, but if you buy the right ones, you'll find that it's a little better than the ones you pick up at the gas station. You seriously can't go wrong with Godiva Truffles. They are so delicious and are perfect for the occasion.  
Running Shoes - Okay maybe this is just me, but if The Hubs wants to surprise me big time today, get me these babies! After spraining my ankle & brusing up 1/2 my body running in my old pair, this is a need more than a want. (That's a lie... it's both!) Yeah yeah it's not a romantic gift, but for me it's perfect!
Chocolate Covered Strawberries - I'm hoping (praying!!) that these are waiting for me tonight. They are my favorite thing & I love love love eating chocolate covered strawberries. Yummm!!!

Gotta Love Stress...

February 13, 2014

This is a sponsored post. All reviews are my own
Not really. 
I've been under a tremendous amount of stress lately & it's showing. From things breaking around the house to spraining my ankle last week during a run, yeah stress is prevalent with me right now. 
There's been one thing I've been turning to on a daily basis to help destress…
Kaliana Stress Kit
Each kit comes with 4 products: 2 Facial Fix-Me Mists (4 oz. + travel size), 1oz Body Oil, and 1oz Beverage Booster Supplement. 

I keep the travel size in my purse to help during work or when sitting in traffic on the way home. Just a few spritzes and I actually do feel better. There's also a beverage booster which is drops you put into your water (or for me, tea) to help as well. They don't change the taste of your drink and I usually use this before bed time. 

The body oil I've been using mainly on my shoulders and neck because that's where I carry my stress. It smells pretty good and usually I can talk The Hubs into giving me a shoulder massage with it. Double score!
I've actually noticed that I sleep better after using these products. They're not miracle cure all for stress, but for me, they have helped a lot. I feel more relaxed and even happier after using them daily for 2 weeks. I truly believe they are perfect for us moms that need a little help every now and then. 
What Foods Can Help You Feel Happier? & Happy Tips! Get “How to Stock a Natural Emotional Care Pantry” eBook FREE plus educational, motivating articles; Kaliana insights; Emotional Foods, Tips & Recipes; upcoming events and special Private Sales!
There is also other kits to help… Confidence, Joy, Vitality, Calm, & Comfort kits. I'll definitely be using the heck out of this kit! 
Now you can win your own stress relief kit! Enter below and good luck!
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Work Out Wednesday

February 12, 2014

My official weigh in days is every Wednesday. And after waking up I immediately weigh myself. Lately it's been a rollercoaster of emotions. Some weeks I loose a pound or two, some weeks I stay the exact same weight & a few weeks there I was gaining. Not pretty people.

So I figured why not have some motivation for my weigh in Wednesdays. I'm pre blogging this, so not sure how well my weight went this week, but not being able to run or work out at all probably didn't help. Boo! But I'm hoping it's gets better by next week!

Happy Wednesdays people!

Change of Season = Change of Sport

February 11, 2014

I have a very active 7 year old. One that can't sit still unless her favorite movie is on. But most times she's playing outside with the neighborhood kids, or playing a sport that she just had to sign up for.
This season (thank goodness it's winding down!) she chose flag football. Oh yeah she's all into football with the boys now.
We had her pic put on a water bottle with her name & a pic of her football team... she loves that darn thing!

Okay so this past weekend we were asking if she wanted us to re-sign her up for football in the Spring... her only word was NO! A very defiant, "I've had enough of this sport" type no. Oh we've gone through this many many times... Gymnastics, Swimming, Soccer... the list keeps growing.

Now as all us moms know, I'm happy she wants to try out sports and she is getting a work out in. Sometimes I just wish she'd pick a sport she loves and stick to it. She was amazing at soccer and hated it, great at gymnastics and got sick of it, etc. When we asked her what sport she wants to try for Spring she said T-Ball, Swimming, & maybe gymnastics! Whew!

So we're taking it day by day and starting with swimming in March. She is a pretty good swimmer already, but she wants to start really swimming and maybe try competitive swimming. We shall see once Summer comes around if we're sticking to it! Ha!

Love Week

February 10, 2014

This week is Valentine's week.
And by that I mean it's the week to celebrate your relationship with the one you love. 
Or if you're The Hubs & I do absolutely nothing together… 

Friday is Valentine's Day and I'm guessing I'll have a card and chocolates waiting for me, but other than that nada. 
Eric has a soccer game Friday night right after work, so we won't see each other until after 9 p.m. 
Does it bother me? 

Not one bit. 
I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person to begin with, but going out to dinner and sitting next to teenagers that are way too in love with each other is not my idea of a fun time. 
I'd rather get some dinner, sit at home with a bottle of wine & have us watch the Olympics together.

Just being together and spending the evening catching up on our week means more to me than any crazy nice gift or dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. 
Happy Love Week Folks!

What the What?!

February 6, 2014

I'm so not a reality TV junkie, but since I was home alone last night for most of the night & there was nada on TV, I tuned into American Idol. I haven't watched this show since it 1st started when I was in college (wow way to age myself there Summer!) but this year is actually GOOD!! The judges are good and for the 1st time ever, they all get along! Makes for a much better show in my humble (not so humble) opinion.
Anyway, I was so enthralled in the show that when The Hubs flight landed and he finally made it home, I had to rewind the show and let him hear my favorites of the night. To which he replied... "Ummm okay?! Is my wife here by chance?!" Haha Hubby haha.
Here's my favorites from last night:
Spencer Lloyd:
CJ Harris
Dexter Roberts

Kenzie Hall

You Have to Want It

February 5, 2014


So I've been working out and eating healthy for around 4 weeks now. I've lost a little over 5 lbs total which for me doesn't seem enough but in the grand scheme of things it's 5 lbs less than I had in 2013! Also I'm pretty short (5' 4") so when I loose any weight it shows on me somehow.

Here's my thing I had to finally give up... alcohol.
Yep, and wine is my love. Seriously, The Hubs & I usually have a glass of wine with dinner. Every.single.night.
Now that is out the window. I only get to have a drink or two on Saturday nights.
Let me tell you how hard this is for me... we have a Kegerator in the garage.
Yeah we are lucky and always have some Shiner Light Blonde on tap for friends and family that stop by.
It's much MUCH easier for me to give up beer than wine.
So I completely got rid of all my wine in the casa.

Now I'm not saying I'm totally giving up any and all alcohol at all, cause if you know me at all, you know that shall never happen, but knowing that I'm helping my body & feeding it the right things makes me know it's all worth it in the end.

Plus the whole loosing weight thing helps me want another glass of water with dinner after drinking water literally all day long.
Plus on top of that, I eat much healthier & work out 3-4 times a week now.
Hoping to loose much more weight sooner than later.

End Rant.

Want to Try

February 4, 2014

I have been wanting to try this new BB cream from Physicians Formula for a while now. I'm not even a huge fan of BB Creams at all, but this one is supposedly amazing.

I think for the summer and when I'm lying on a beach somewhere this might make the perfect non-makeup makeup look!
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