Change of Season = Change of Sport

February 11, 2014

I have a very active 7 year old. One that can't sit still unless her favorite movie is on. But most times she's playing outside with the neighborhood kids, or playing a sport that she just had to sign up for.
This season (thank goodness it's winding down!) she chose flag football. Oh yeah she's all into football with the boys now.
We had her pic put on a water bottle with her name & a pic of her football team... she loves that darn thing!

Okay so this past weekend we were asking if she wanted us to re-sign her up for football in the Spring... her only word was NO! A very defiant, "I've had enough of this sport" type no. Oh we've gone through this many many times... Gymnastics, Swimming, Soccer... the list keeps growing.

Now as all us moms know, I'm happy she wants to try out sports and she is getting a work out in. Sometimes I just wish she'd pick a sport she loves and stick to it. She was amazing at soccer and hated it, great at gymnastics and got sick of it, etc. When we asked her what sport she wants to try for Spring she said T-Ball, Swimming, & maybe gymnastics! Whew!

So we're taking it day by day and starting with swimming in March. She is a pretty good swimmer already, but she wants to start really swimming and maybe try competitive swimming. We shall see once Summer comes around if we're sticking to it! Ha!

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