Girl's Can

February 24, 2014

My daughter got her 1st taste of sexism yesterday at the tender age of 7. See my daughter is playing in a flag football league this season with some of her friends. She's pretty much the only girl on the entire league at her age. Doesn't bother her one bit, but I'm sure it's a little weird for the boys to see a girl on their team. 

Yesterday though the boys on the other team actually said out loud in front of her that they didn't want to play against a girl. Their coach told them that they might want to rethink that if she gets their flags. Well, she actually ended up getting 2 flags during the game! Their coach said "See! A girl got your flags!" Bella just smiled and kept playing like she never heard one thing those boys said!

Now I've always been proud of my Bella Belle, but this weekend I was immensely proud of her & not listening or taking to heart what those boys were saying. Her team has always welcomed her & she plays her heart out every game. I hate that she has to hear it at such an early age, but we keep telling her girls can do whatever boys can do! And she now knows it!

We saw this commercial last night on TV and I applaud Covergirl for showing everyone that GIRL'S CAN!!

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